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Organ donation gets thumbs up


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Organ donation might be a step in the right direction but there should be consent from the person before death, or from relatives.
This is the view of the majority of online readers who responded to a Nation Talkback on the issue when it was raised last Sunday. Most said they were in favour of the move but stressed the need for consent.
Two prominent doctors Professor Errol “Mickey” Walrond and Professor George Nicholson in the Sunday Sun, said they agreed that the donaton of organs to facilitate transplants to people in need was a step in the right direction and should be pursued by Government.
Minister of Health Donville Inniss said last week that Government would work with “a sense of determination” to address the issue of organ donation as it related to “brain stem death”. He acknowledged too that there might be major ethical and religious issues that might fuel the debate.
Some Nation Facebook readers were also vocal on the matter.
Sarah Layne: “I think organ donation is a good thing as long as the individual and/or the family agrees to it. There should be organ donation papers that can be signed with cards given to those people who are willing in the case of an accident etc. If, however, the family or person is completely against it, their wishes should be followed and not forced”.
Katrina Morris: “It’s a good thing as long as they have permission from the family or the person when alive had expressed those wishes. I am an organ donor and if something happens to me and I no longer need them why not help someone live. Who knows, it could be a family member or friend or an innocent child in need”.
Samaria Trotman: I am 100 per cent for organ donation, and willing to sign up for it. To give someone the pleasure of extended life is a good thing.
Anthony Guppy: “Once it is left up to person to decide if they wish to donate organs and not a health care policy by government”.
Greta Marlin: “I agree with donating organs to facilitate transplants, but only if the donor gave consent in some form of writing before their unfortunate accident or untimely death by way of a Donor Card for example”.
Currently, unless an individual has willed his or her organs to be donated or the family is in agreement with such a donation, it is unlikely to take place.

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