Temple yard shops gutted


Nothing was saved when eight timber buildings went up in smoke after an early morning fire in Temple Yard, The City, yesterday.
The Barbados Fire Service said the fire occurred around 3:05 a.m.Member of Parliament for The City Patrick Todd, who visited the area, said many of the shops were not insured.
“I promised to alert the Ministry of Small Business Development and referred [those affected] to the Business Development Unit – in order to access the national micro-enterprise grant – as well as to the [Barbados Investment and Development Corporation],” he said.
Todd described the loss as “unfortunate” as he said the shops belonged to many skilled entrepreneurs.
Among the losses was a national exhibition by Ras IIix.
He said that along with Ras Congo, they had lost almost all of their art collections, leaving only five pieces which were at another location.


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