Pushed into ‘a deeper faith’


God wants from Christians a greater faith, a deeper commitment a broader vision and also an understanding that when they are a witnesses for the Lord they do not take an off day but work 24-7.
That enlightenment came from Rev. Dr. Mark Harewood as he delivered the Love & Light Easter service at the temporary location at the Valley Resource Centre in St George. 
Drawing his lesson from Luke 5:1-8, which narrated the incident where Jesus advised Simon Peter to let down his net to be rewarded with an abundance of fish, Harewood highlighted the value of being obedient to the word of the Lord.
“Just like Peter after a long and empty night of fishing went out deeper and cast down his net, ‘because Jesus told him to do so,’ God wants to push you Christians from a shallow faith to a deeper faith.
 “God is going to have to push us to get us into deeper waters of faith as we are comfortable in our stability and when you step into deeper waters you encounter challenges such as sickness and crisis,” the spiritual leader warned.
“God wants to move us from where we are to a deeper place.  But, recognize that there will be trials and challenges to strengthen your faith,” he added. (KB)


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