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DEAR CHRISTINE – Need job to help feed my children


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Dear Christine, I am an unemployed mother of two young children in need of your help. 
I went to the Welfare Department for assistance to get food for my two children. The lady there said that I cannot get anymore from them.
I told her that I cannot last a month because I have two children to support and their fathers don’t give them anything. 
I?need a job working two days a week or weekends to help support myself and my children. I previously worked as a maid.
I live at my mother and she has the water and light bills, as well as the rent to pay.Christine, I would like someone in a business place to help us out with some foodstuff and somewhere to live. I am thanking them for their support and some money.
– Maid Work
Dear Maid Work,
I am so sorry to hear about your plight and that of your children. No one likes to hear about children going hungry, and we will certainly try to assist where we can.
What I find difficult to understand is why the professional at the Welfare Department would take this position?
From my knowledge of that department’s operations they only refuse people if they come to them outside of the schedule set up to give assistance. In cases of food distribution it is every two weeks.
I note you said the officer stated that you cannot get anymore from them, which suggests to me you have been going there regularly for foodstuff. With so many others in need, there must be some control in how much is given out and to whom.
I would advise you consider requesting national assistance where, if you qualify, you would be entitled to $45 a week per child.
To get this help usually requires a thorough investigation into your situation by a welfare officer.
That department would also direct you on how to go about getting child maintenance from your children’s fathers to ensure these men live up to their responsibilities.
So Maid Work, as you are already known to the Welfare Department I would suggest you speak to your case officer about getting this done. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going.
– Christine

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