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Bajans react to PM’s address


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Barbadians called on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to speak and on Tuesday night he did.
The majority of Nation online readers said while they were happy that they heard the PM’s voice on some of the critical issues facing this country, they were still left hungry for answers.  Some also said they were disappointed with the interviewing format.
In a televised interview with CBC’s Rosemary Alleyne, Stuart spoke on a number of wide-ranging issues including the cost of living, immigration and CLICO, Stuart also defended his style, saying he refused to be pressured into changing.
We asked readers to give their views on the issues addressed by the PM and the fact that he did answer the call, and spoke to matters concerning Barbadians.
This is what some had to say on the Nation’s Facebook page.
Andre Worrell: “The moderator presented all the issues in a fair and unbiased way. They were all responded to. It was a good interview as expected. PM Stuart placed things into perspective and dismissed his critics”.
Ashantia Howard said: “PM Stuart was well spoken as usual”.
Milo Serieux: “People asked him (Stuart) to speak . . . He spoke on the relevant issues and in an intelligent manner, and he answered the questions. How can you argue with that”.
Ronnie Murrell: “I don’t think that when people were asking for the PM to speak that they meant in an interview that was seemingly rehearsed and somewhat controlled. People want to hear him directly speaking of the plans and policies that should have been implemented a long time ago to buffer the effects of living on this beautiful island, speaking to something or addressing it isn’t necessarily dealing with it. But, I hope those who were calling for the PM to speak now understand why he does not speak so often . . . now maybe he can get on with the business of dealing with the issues”.
Raquel Gilkes: “People insisted on clamouring for the PM to speak and he did . . . I for one, am very dissatisfied with the entire production . . . . Also the questions were robotic and consequently boring, they were accepted uncritically . . .”.
Lisa Taylor: “I am still very much hungry for answers. The program last night (Tuesday) was a gross waste of TV time as nothing has changed”.

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