DLP COLUMN: All about Owen


Mia!!! When will you learn your political future will be in the balance once you try to engage Owen Arthur?
Your utterance of not speaking to him for about 15 months is an honest admission on your part that you have kept your distance. However, he is clearly asking for another 15 months.
It is quite admirable that in the face of shrinking political fortunes of your party, you would seek to intervene as a noble party member.
Sorry!!! According to Arthur, Miss Mottley is a member of ordinary standing . . . and there is no provision . . . that would allow an ordinary member to be a political shop steward.
In her quest for resolve, she sought to reiterate Rawle Eastmond’s concern about the integrity of the branch membership. Her call for dialogue has been rebuked by the party leadership. It’s clear for all to see, Mia wants to talk to Owen but Owen does not want to talk to her.
Typical Arthur behaviour!!!
The irony of the situation is that a couple years ago when Mia took over the leadership it was because Owen had stepped aside and accounted to the public for his actions. It was public knowledge he was recovering from a bout of illness and was even seen walking with a cane in public.
Mr Eastmond, who also had a bout of illness, was heard to be stepping aside for the young Mr Edmund Hinkson. He was even seen in photo ops making presentations to the constituents with Mr Hinkson by his side.
With the shoes firmly planted on the other foot, Owen is asking for “the party process to work itself out”.  
We are unclear on this side about the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) process but it’s clear that the incoming chairman, Mr Jerome Walcott has not arrived for duty in this matter.
When last seen, he was on location trying to apply some paint to a wall while the BLP’s crumbling public image took yet another poll dive. Wait a minute . . . is he really in charge or is Owen pulling his choke?
What is real, however, is the ability of these two to both claim they will not be conducting their business in public yet, we hear of a text sent and received but dismissed. We heard from Arthur in the crossfire
that Mia’s request of the meeting with him was “ultimate discourtesy”.
But Mia, in hardtalk, believes there are “too many issues distracting the country at this perilous state for members of the BLP to add another distraction in St James North”.
She went on to “trust and pray” the meeting took place. Owen’s rebuttal was a slap in the face to Mia which was heard from St Lucy to Christ Church where, in his usual satirical tone, he offered to host such a meeting in Independence Square.
What does all this mean for the innocent observer looking on?
If ever the BLP regains the reins of Government, we have a pretty good idea of how they will treat “ordinary” people. Rawle Eastmond, one of their own, is thrown to the wolves because he supported Mia two years ago. Can you imagine how Arthur will treat John Public?
Voters, be warned !!!


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