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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Kudos to female senators


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I can do all things through him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13
History was created in the political life of Barbados last Monday in the Upper House when 38-year-old Senator Kerryann Ifill, the first female as well as the first blind person was made President of the?Senate. It all took place at the beginning of the Appropriation Bill 2012-2013.
She was given great support by the members of the disabled community who filled the gallery in the Senate. It was a joy to see a full gallery.
Senator Ifill’s appointment came on the heels of an impressive performance as she presided over a joint sitting of Parliament during the Royal visit of Prince Edward and Princess Sophie. She succeeded Sir Brandford who retired as President last month because of ill health.
Senator Ifill is the research project officer of the Barbados?Council For The Disabled. The senator uses machines that convert text into Braille in order to read her parliamentary documents.
She has also developed innovative ways to recognize senators who want to speak during the session and uses her Braille watch to monitor the length of speeches and to make sure they finish within the allotted time.
Senator Ifill will serve as an inspiration for our young people, especially female and other persons with disabilities. She was made President because of her ability, and it shows what can be achieved through hard work.
During the same sitting a new senator, attorney at law Verla DePeiza took her seat. Senator DePeiza’s appointment has brought the number of women in the Upper House to five, which is a plus for the females of Barbados.
This column congratulates President Kerryann Ifill and Senator Verla DePeiza and wishes them a very healthy and fruitful stay in the Upper House.
May God continue to bless them.


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