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Great skin on a budget


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“WOMEN NEED TO RECOGNIZE that we may not have perfect lives, we may not have perfect bodies, but it is my wish that we get to that place where we feel amazing just the way we are.”
These words came from Dr Arusha Campbell, a Jamaican-born and based dermatologist who was in Barbados recently.
Part of feeling amazing is taking great care of your skin. But in a time when many of us are strapped for cash and feel having great skin care is a costly venture, Dr Campbell is saying, “Think again”.
“There is a link between what’s going with the skin and what’s going on inside,” said Dr Campbell. “But you can maintain great skin on a limited budget.”
Part of caring for one’s skin, which is essential for women in the Caribbean, is dealing with sun exposure.
“The sun accounts for 80 per cent of premature aging,” Dr Campbell said, “so get sunscreen, wear it and practice sun protection.”
She recommends a broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays.
“A sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 is ideal but 15 can give significant protection,” she said.
But while most women can combat the effects of ageing, they can take steps to ensure that their skin doesn’t age quickly.
“Try your best to lead a stress-free life. I know it may not always be possible, but also try to avoid frowning,” she said.  “Sleeping on your back also helps to avoid sleeping on different sides of your face. If you sleep a lot on one side of your face you’re going to age more on that side of your face.”
Dr Campbell tried to assure women there are lots of natural measures women in the Caribbean can use for their skin.
“Lots of Caribbean women use the harshest of soaps on their skin, whereas soaps that add back moisture to your skin are the best options for your skin,” she said. “You should cleanse at least twice daily, and using a scrub once a week is fine.”
Dr Campbell also gave women some natural tips to keep their skin looking fresh.
“A combination of honey and milk can be a good cleanser,” she said. “Honey is naturally antibacterial.”
In terms of working to remove make-up, there are several products women probably already have in their home that they can use.
“Baby oil works well to remove eye make-up, along with olive oil and coconut oil,” she said.
Dr Campbell also said that toners have always been thought to be the second step after cleansing.
“When using astringents, I believe they are not absolutely necessary,” she said.
However, Dr Campbell did add that witch hazel can be used as a toner and can be combined with cucumber juice and rose water.


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