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PUDDING & SOUSE: Shady worker kissing up to boss


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Workers at a certain government department are uneasy about the seemingly close relationship between their boss and a general worker who has a very bad reputation.
They believe that this man, who dabbles in drugs and everything bad, has only become chummy with the boss so he can get his rear end covered when he gets into trouble.
He sleeps at the boss’ apartment because his crooked friends have been checking his house looking for him; he drives the big-up’s vehicle, even though he is not supposed to be driving it, and while other staff are signing in on the general worker’s sheet he is signing in on the office staff sheet.
Staff cannot understand why the boss has allowed himself to get so close to this shady character, who is taking advantage of the relationship by coming and going when he pleases.
Everywhere the boss goes, he is two steps behind and recently he was given a desk in the office when his duties are outside in the yard.
Roadworks on the move
Remember the calypso hit Too Much Steel In There? Well, some workers at a rural depot are under investigation for using Government-owned roadworks material and equipment to do private jobs.
Pudding & Souse understands that residents spilled the beans on the crew after observing them taking road material and equipment to do the driveway of two private residences.
Word has it that a certain big boss was sent to investigate and when he arrived on the scene the men on the job had no place to run.
The equipment was ordered off the private properties and the men have all been suspended pending an investigation.
People are waiting to see now if the authorities will go after the owners of the two residences to recover the losses.
Brothers to face music
All hell may break loose today when a certain community meeting is held in a St James district.
Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that a disgruntled group intends to protest at this meeting which has been called to enlighten residents about the positive things about garbage.
We hope that the brothers two are fully prepared for this backlash.
Cheque ‘dis’ out!
A group of outstanding businessmen were left scrambling this week when a supposed cheque they received from one of their colleagues turned out to be nothing more than a photograph of a cheque.
The group did not know if this colleague, whose reputation precedes him, was trying to pull a big one on them since they were waiting for the cheque for several months.
However, we understand that after two tension-filled days the real cheque finally arrived.
It is only the down payment, however. The next 90 days will prove how serious this man really is about the important investment.


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