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Happy you year!


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We have all made it into another year, and that in itself is something to be thankful for. Before we go any further, let’s just stop for a few seconds to thank God for this gift, as many weren’t given this opportunity.
Life is lived looking forward, but understood looking back. The year 2012 for you was a challenging one, filled with so many disappointments, hardships, pain and regret. You may want to forget about it and just focus on 2013, but I want to encourage you not to do that.
The year 2012 was a season of preparation and character building and was a critical process for what you are about to experience in 2013.
The Mayan calendar predicted that 2012 was going to be the end of the world. I, like many others, laughed at this prediction and didn’t pay much attention to it until I received some divine revelation while talking with my pastor.
I believe 2012 was the end of a world and not the world. It was the end of your world and it was the end of my world and for those who understand the seasons of God or are aware of the “shift” that is taking place, it was the end of their world too.
The year 2012 was the end of a world in which you existed. In it was the old you, with the old failures, nasty attitudes, bad practices and selfish ways. It was a world in which you complained often, were unforgiving, deceitful, abusive, fearful, judgmental, greedy, lazy, uncommitted and undependable. Twenty-thirteen brings with it a new world and a you year.
This is your year. This year is about you; your victories, your growth, your freedom.
There is a shift going on in the atmosphere; something is changing and I know you can feel it. You have a desire for more and a deep urge for something new. This shift is real and God has stirred up the atmosphere with favour, blessings, prosperity and opportunities; and if you don’t shift, you will miss it.
You have been praying for a long time and seeing no breakthrough. It’s not that God wasn’t answering your prayers, it’s that you have been too fearful to get up and do something about your situation. Prayer must be followed by action. If this is a you year, there are some hard but necessary decisions you have to make.
You may have to say goodbye to some friends, as they can’t carry you where you need to go. You may have to change jobs and receive less pay so you can spend more time with your family. You may have to go back to school full-time or do evening classes.
You may have to wake up an hour earlier and start exercising, or join a gym. You may have to change your diet completely and try new foods. You may have to go to that friend or family member who hurt you and forgive them.
You may need to confess to your spouse your outside relationships and seek their forgiveness. You may need to join a new church and seek a new spiritual leader. You may need to take up some money and help someone.
You may need to buy a new vehicle, or sell your vehicle and use the money to go overseas to pursue a dream. You may need to start a business or volunteer with a charity.
You may need to spend less time on the phone and Internet. You may need to cancel the mortgage, move back home and start over. You may need to raise and support a child that isn’t your own. You will need to stop abusing your wife and children.
You may need to recommit your life to Christ. You will need to stop smoking, drinking and partying. You may need to change your wardrobe, hairstyle and image. You may need to share your failures and success with others. You will need to learn to say no.
There is something in this article for you. Just find your message and seek God about it. Don’t miss the shift, this is a you year.
Special thanks to my pastor Apostle David L. Coulthrust for his sermon on January 1, which inspired this article. Happy You Year to all!
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth ambassador. Email


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