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MAVIS BECKLES: Prayers for positive changes


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I was in Independence Square, along wid about a thousand other men, women and children from all different parts o’ Barbados last Sunday night tuh pray fuh this nation and where it is heading.
It was amazing tuh see the amount o’ pastors who was there from all the different denominations and who come out in duh numbers tuh intercede tuh God fuh change in this country.
Yuh know how we come along and hear the old people talking about people putting duh mout’ pon ya when somebody say something about somebody or a particular situation and it come tuh pass? We used tuh call dat obeah; but um aint nuh obeah, dem old people wasn’t too far off at all.
The Bible say dat life and death is in the power of the tongue, so dat is why people shouldn’t open duh mout’ and say any and evahthing cause ya doan know wha’ duh giving life tuh or cursing.
That is what happened in Independence Square last Sunday night. We were speaking out against all the negative things dat people imposed on this little nation over the past few years; we were coming against and breaking all the lot o’ curses dat people put pon us and reclaiming what was rightfully ours and speaking life back intuh Barbados. But ya had tuh believe in what ya was declaring.
Look, it was a time tuh really think about all the wrongs dat happening in Barbados, all the negative things dat influencing our people, young and old, and causing dem tuh do some o’ the most outrageous things.  
It was a time tuh fuhget about yuhself and focus on the nation. It was a time tuh fuhget who you were, where you were from, what you had or where you live. It was a time tuh fuhget status and position.
It was a time tuh pour out yuh heart tuh God fuh evahbody from the smallest tuh the greatest, the richest tuh the poorest, the alien and the foreigner, the politicians tuh the man in the street.
It was a time tuh let evahbody there who had ears tuh hear, understand and remember dat we who say we was Christians had the responsibility tuh look after this nation, nuh matter wha’ anybody say.
It was a time tuh bring people tuh duh senses and remind dem dat it was not about putting on nice clothes, going tuh church evah single Sunday, being actively involved in wh’evah gine on in the church and showing a good face tuh the rest o’ the world.
Rather, it was a time tuh let people come tuh terms wid the role duh had tuh play as Christians.
Dem pastors touched pon evahthing. It wasn’t nuh kinda condemning nothing nor nuhbody, only recalling and reclaiming who we were, what we were, what was rightfully ours and what God wanted fuh Barbados.
Duh made us repeat after each and evah one o’dem as duh shout it in tuh the atmosphere, all the positive declarations about agriculture, tourism, education, sports, business and businesses – large and small, families, the economy, politics and politicians.
We prayed fuh all the leaders and the upcoming election and dat God would intervene and put in place only who He wanted tuh run this country fuh the next five years, so dat it would remain a God-fearing nation.
We prayed dat God would continue tuh spare Barbados from the ravages o’ storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and all kinda natural disasters. Look, duh aint left out nothing, duh touch pon evahthing. One o’ the verses of scripture I hear Senator Apostle David Durant saying dat really hit home tuh me was, righteousness exaltest a nation but sin is a reproach tuh any people.  
Before the evening come tuh a close, I hear dem say dat this event was the first of many because we as a people have tuh be consistent and come together to keep praying fuh Barbados so dat God would continue tuh spare and bless this nation.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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