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FLYING FISH: Foot soldier now a turncoat?


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People are wondering if a certain crooner is a turncoat, or if he is just vex that he has not been able to get even a thin slice of the fatted calf after being a good foot soldier during the 14 years in the wilderness.
Some of those who know him well say his actions resemble those of a man horned by someone he truly loved and worked to assist. Or even a man promised things that were never delivered.
Whatever the true situation, this man fired a broadside on his Facebook page a few days ago against the person whom he complained at one time was not saying anything.
He said: “My friend Gypsy on 92.9 FM right now singing Captain The Ship Is Sinking. If I had to sing a song now I would sing “There Is No Captain” but dem would hate me and [I] would never see a calypso finals as long as they in power . . . LOL.”
True, true, true.
Silence is golden
Silence it is for right now. But it isn’t that the team doesn’t know what to say. Rather, it is a strategy.
According to what Cou Cou has been told, the team has orders to close ranks and to say nothing on anything. They were instructed to let all the actors have their say; then, when the time was ripe, a definitive statement would be made.
The problem is that certain members of the team are becoming anxious because of the calls they are getting from ardent supporters whose families and friends are caught up in the unpleasant situation.
They are saying, and not so quietly either, that the shifting and swapping at this time is a tactical error which can only hurt them. It would have been better to deal with two of the most significant actors now, and then the others later.
A very verbose individual who is known for speaking out was overheard saying in a well frequented place words to the effect that “it is not what you do but how you do it that makes a difference to how people view you and the confidence they repose in you”.
The one who informed Cou Cou about this said all were shocked at the observation as it seemed to be an indictment on those behind the strategy.
Master of the game
Cou Cou has been told that spectators are taking a six for a nine by underestimating the style of the champion boxer.
An insider said though this champion is not known for his boxing expertise, he has always been an astute student and a great believer in Ali’s rope-a-dope tactics.
That is why he always tends to seem lacklustre in his performance, but what he really does is to dupe his opponent into complacency then, at the right time, knocks him out.
The insider said if you looked at the man’s career you would see he has never been particularly outstanding, just a good journeyman.
Despite this, he has still managed to always be among the main contenders by knowing how to duck the knockout punches, while scoring points in his own inimitable style.
So this insider is telling a certain short contender to watch out as the boxing champion is deceptively cool, but he truly hits like a hammer.


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