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MAVIS BECKLES: The new year drama


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Well boy, the year has certainly opened wid a bang; not just a bang, but a big bang.
Only a few days into the New Year and the amount o’ drama dat is unfolding in this place is something else.
Fuh one, it is time fuh the general elections tuh be called and nuh matter how expectant politicians both Bees and Dees are, the Prime Minister ain’t telling a soul ’til he good and ready. Look, all kinds o’ people braving these chilly, rainy and windy nights tuh go out and listen tuh the politicians, new and old, lambasting one another pon the various platforms.
Ya does see the old party faithfuls coming out wid duh big able umbrellas, plastic chairs and, of course, ya know the old girls and boys gine have on duh windbreakers and cardigans tuh keep duh bodies dry and warm while duh sit down in the dew tuh listen tuh the various politicians speak.
Soul, I ain’t know wha’ gine happen but, I gine tell ya, when Mr Stuart decide tuh announce the date fuh the general election, it gine be bedlum ’bout here. Look, ya gine see all sorts o’ political hopefuls bonging outta the gates like the racehorses at the Garrison Savannah.
Another big piece o’ drama is the Alexandra saga; the commission has apparently given in its report and part o’ the verdict like it is dat the principal Mr Broomes must be removed from the Alexandra school, and he has been.
Now you would remember dat this is what the president and members o’ the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union was striking for, fuh ages.
And you and I would believe dat this whole who-ha would have been settled by now, the matter put tuh rest or behind dem and evahthing would be back tuh normal, but nnnoooo! Nothing so, not a chance.
Look wha’ gine happen next; somebody decide tuh tek up a big able spanner and throw um in the works so dat um ain’t only Broomes who get removed from the school but half o’ the teachers too, and now the confusion starting all ovah again. But there’s a thing nuh?
Who would’ve thought dat things would have turned out like this? It was only Broomes who was supposed tuh be removed from dat school. Now all of a sudden, evahbody sick. Who ain’t got diarrhoea, got bad feels. Who ain’t got bad feels, got hypertension. Who ain’t got hypertension got a heart murmur. Who ain’t stressed out, got sugar or the pressure.
Who ain’t got migraine, got diabetes and who ain’t got none o’ dem things got evahthing else. Lord have mercy, it look like duh went through the medical books and pick out all the things, the familiar ailments dat does affect the people ’bout here and pin duh on pon the teachers who get transferred. The unexpected bad news like it hit dem teachers suh hard, dat it like it mek all han’s o’ duh sick.
I very glad dat I ain’t non o’ dem teachers who get transferred, ’cause I ain’t want a soul sticking on none o’ dem sicknesses pon me. No boh. So ya realize dat it ain’t ’bout Broomes nuh more, it now ’bout the teachers who get moved from the school.
But lady Redman like she still ain’t satisfied wid the verdict nor the outcome, she holding meetings and gine tuh secondary schools trying tuh trump up support fuh the teachers who get transferred tuh other schools.
Now ya understand dat it was only Broomes who was supposed tuh be removed from the school and all o’ dem teachers was suppose tuh remain. Well, I could only say one thing; duh get duh beaks brek. I only hope dat when all o’ dem decide tuh guh ’long tuh the schools duh get sent tuh, dat duh well enough tuh teach the people children ’cause the children nowadays ain’t nuh easy pushovers, dem does carry ya tuh the bone and if ya sick, God help ya ’cause, I gine tell ya, ya ain’t gine be able tuh deal wid dem, dem gine make ya worse.
I doan have nuh more space tuh talk ’bout all the rest o’ drama this week, so next week I gine have tuh give ya some more.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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