Should I tell fiancée about his affairs?


Dear Christine,
I CURRENTLY LIVE with my brother and his girlfriend, who is three months pregnant. The thing is this: my brother has been seeing four other women on the side. There is even one whom he takes to my mother’s house, and she says nothing about it.
I have spoken to him about his lifestyle and he has accused me of interfering in his private affairs.
It’s not just the affairs, Christine; it’s almost everything. He hardly gives his girlfriend any money, and when he does, she must spend it buying food. You would think that with a baby on the way, he would be different.
My sister-in-law is a really nice girl who lost her job six months ago when she was laid off from work. Up until then, she spent lots of money on my brother and on helping to maintain the house.
The two are planning on getting married in another 12 weeks and she is hurting a lot.
It hurts me even more so to see what she has had to put up with from this brother of mine. She does not deserve the treatment she is getting. She knows about two of the affairs. Should I open up her eyes to what is happening under her nose?
– D.C.
Dear D.C.,
I believe this woman knows enough about your brother to decide for herself if she should call off the wedding or take that walk down the aisle with him. She will have herself to blame when she becomes his wife and has to live a life of misery.
Sadly, your mother is no example, for she should not allow your brother to bring women into her home knowing quite well that her son is getting married shortly.
If your sister-in-law knows about two affairs, how many more must she know about before her eyes are opened?
She should call off the wedding and not expect a change in your brother’s attitude after the wedding. That’s a mistake many women make.


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