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NAPSAC called off!


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The 2013 National Primary Schools’ Athletics Championships (NAPSAC) have also been cancelled.
After a meeting of the organizing committee yesterday at the Barbados Union of Teachers headquarters at Merry Hill, Welches, the decision was taken because three factors impacted on the proposed staging.
According to chairman Vaman Harbin, the prohibitive costs of an alternative venue, an insufficient number of entries by schools and clashes both in the education curriculum and the established sporting activities slated for the third term wre the main obstacles.
Harbin said it was unfortunate that NAPSAC had been cancelled and despite several attempts, they could no longer keep changing dates.
“We have explored the possibility and we have set dates. This is the third time we have set dates,” Harbin said.
“You can’t keep planning a date and then rescheduling it. We have to stop somewhere.”
NAPSAC was originally set to be held at the National Stadium when the new Mondo track was laid in February, but with work pushed back, that was changed.
Kensington Oval was sought as an alternative venue, but the West Indies Cricket Board invoked a one-month exclusivity clause prior to the start of the March 12 Test match against Zimbabwe.
Plans were made to return to the National Stadium. However, a further delay put the completion date for work on the track sometime in May, and Blenheim was proposed as a venue, but that was rejected.
A meeting with the ministers of sports and education then resulted in the dates May 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 21 and 31 being set, with the semis and finals at the Stadium if the track was available.
Harbin told the SATURDAY SUN he went back to Kensington Oval to discuss using that venue, but it cost “a lot of money; a lot more than we are used to at the Stadium”.
“I don’t know when the Stadium is going to be ready,” Harbin said.
“Nobody has communicated that to NAPSAC. The last time we met with the minister, those were the dates we had come up with.
“All I know about the Stadium is what I read in the paper as well. Nobody has communicated anything else to me as to timelines or when it will be done.”
Another major factor was the poor response from the schools. Only 13 of the 80 primary schools had responded by last Tuesday’s deadline.
Harbin said primary school students would also have to sit criterion referenced tests, which were national standardized tests administered by the Ministry of Education.
In the Trinity term, primary schools also compete in the National Sports Council’s football and netball competitions and there were too many clashes.
This is the second major meet to be cancelled this year as the Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Championships were not held for the first time, ending an unbroken run which began in 1989 after a break in 1988.

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