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What’s Trending:Jolie’s double mastectomy


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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trendinig in Barbados today.
News today that well known actress and director Angelina Jolie has undergone a preventative double mastectomy  after learning she carried a gene that made it extremely likely she would get breast cancer has our readers talking.
The Oscar-winning actress and partner to Brad Pitt made the announcement in the form of an op-ed she authored for Tuesday’s New York Times (under the headline, “My Medical Choice.” She writes that between early February and late April she completed three months of surgical procedures to remove both breasts.
Here is what some readers are saying about the news especially after some questioned who cared about the decision made by Jolie.
Miche’LoyalOneDonttakemynicenessForweakness: “Who cares? She did that because a) she had the dollars) she is foolish with a lot of money. There is nothing proactive about a woman who guts of her nature on a “maybe and a chance, and a could be”. Then to promote it to other vulnerable women as a choice/solution instead of changing diets lifestyle and eliminating unhealthy foods and meds. Foolie had the opportunity to do those proactive things before cancer became her reality but instead she copped out and chopped off. Furthermore, has anyone thought about the North American system of profit on sickness?  What do you think she was paid to do that? And next the promotion of silicone breast implants which are way more than likely to cause cancer in the long run? The pharmaceutical companies will profits off of the countless women doing this very risky procedure on both ends providing the fake breast then providing the pills and others surgeries needed to fix the problems that arise. An ongoing cycle of profit on the sick, stupid, vulnerable and rich. Foolie could care less about later as far as I’m concerned. Most women wouldn’t even consider this before having an actually confirmation and before FIGHTING and Changing bad habits. She makes me sick, and the industry that profits makes me sicker. Media outlets need to think about what they too promote and cover. And remember that moral go way further than vanity and profit”.
Many readers responded to this previous comment.
Sharon Woolley: “Let’s hope you never have to be given that 87 per cent chance. Obviously in your tiny mind you have never heard prevention is better than cure…”
Kris Sandels King: “Well then, you must have read that she had an 87 per cent chance of getting breast cancer. She watched her mother die and suffer from cancer for ten years before she passed away at 56. She is thinking of her six kids. Many women have made that same decision when their own mothers and grandmothers died from the disease. Who are you to judge?”
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