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September 28 Special Day For Special Children


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THE 15th annual Special Day For Special Children will again be taking place at Ilaro Court this year.
The day, September 28, is organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Barbados with the Barbados Council for the Disabled (BCD).
Kevin Hinds, president of the local branch, said the day was conceptualized in order to meet the need for special children to feel special about themselves.
“Too often people are excluded from the disabled community and we need to have a spirit of inclusion where people know that because they have a disability, it does not mean they [can’t] do so many other things.
“They teach you so much . . . I personally have learned so much by interacting with them,” he said.
The event was officially launched recently in the BCD’s headquarters, Harambee House, Garrison, St Michael.
Featured speaker Senator Kerryann Ifill said it was an opportunity to feel truly special.
“For me, when I think of Special Day For Special Children, it’s not about their disabilities but because these children are special . . . because somebody has taken the time to acknowledge that these children, like everybody else, need a chance to be a part of what makes Barbados a beautiful nation,” she said.
Hinds said the day would include face painting, jumping tents, horseback riding and entertainment as well as bringing recognition and awareness to the needs of special children.
In addition, JCI is embarking on another project this year, called Green Roots, an environmental/heritage awareness campaign.
JCI Barbados is celebrating its 55th year. (CA)


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