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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Politician skips on gas attendant


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A Christ Church gas station attendant is today swearing never ever to give any politician a break again.
She is saying that if they cannot pay her immediately on receiving gas from her, then she would refer the matter to management.
What has this gentle lady so upset was her encounter last Friday with a politico known for his gentile manner.
From what we gathered, the politico put $50 in gasoline into his vehicle but when he swiped his debit card, he had insufficient funds. He promptly apologized to the woman and asked her to trust him to go and get the money and return.
Given the fact that everybody knows this man, and thinking that it would be weird for any politico not to even have $50 on his bank account, the woman had no hesitation to allow the man to go and come back.
However, on Monday morning, three days later, the politico had not returned with the money and the poor woman was in a tizzy wondering if the man had taken flight.
We’re unsure how this matter has been settled and don’t subscribe to the view that because it was a Barrow owed when he is a Grantley man, that may be a reason for his delay in payment.
What we do know is that that politico better return to that busy Christ Church service station and pay his debt for his reputation’s sake.
Down and out on luck
How could a man making more than $10 000 a month lose his property without having to spend his money on someone seriously sick, or getting divorced?
That’s just one of the questions some people are whispering since news broke that a perennial political loser yet again bit the dust. This time he had to say farewell to his resplendent edifice.
People are wondering if his move to a house close to a winner in his party was done in the hope that some of that person’s good fortune can rub off on him. We shall see.
He say she say
Another scandal could be brewing in an organization that continues to be the centre of repeated controversy for the wrong reasons. This time, it involves two women associated with this entity.
The word reaching Cou Cou is that one of the women did something to a man but is saying that it was the man who was at fault. And the other woman is vouching that her friend’s version of the tale is true.
Since then the file on the matter has gone missing and those charged with looking into the matter seem not to be making any significant progress.
An insider told Cou Cou that the matter has come to the notice of those at the highest level and the order has been given for the necessary to be done to ensure that all the facts surrounding this matter are revealed.
The insider is suggesting, too, that though the two might have been friends with others higher up in the organization before, that is no more since the changing of the guard.
Mystery of vanished funds
Members of a certain association are wondering if the recent shopping spree of a person on one of the executive committees in their entity has anything to do with their funds.
They are saying that the funds allocated for a specific event are mysteriously reduced and some receipts can no longer be found.
These members want the entire matter thoroughly investigated and are saying that though they prefer not to wash their dirty linen in public, they are willing to do so to ensure no one gets away with any hanky-panky.


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