St Lucia trying to stem gun crimes


CASTRIES, St Lucia (CMC) – The St Lucia government has amended the Customs Act making it more difficult for anyone to import toy guns into the country as law enforcement officials seek to curb-gun-related crimes over the Christmas Season.
National Security Minister Phillip La Corbiniere, speaking on local television, said that the rationale behind the amendment to the Customs Act was to prevent replica guns from entering the country.
“When you are dealing with crime…there are a number of things you have to do and this is one small bit of the puzzle.
“The idea that you have in use, on a number of occasion, toy guns to commit crimes you have to address that issue. But it is really a small part of the puzzle,” he added.
 Under the new regulations, permission must be obtained from the Commissioner of Police before the importation of any toy gun, whether or not it can discharge any “bullet”.
Acting Comptroller of Customs, Andie Fenalon said the amendment would be a significant deterrent in the use of toy guns as weapons.
The police have warned that it would adopt a zero tolerance level during the Christmas Season when there is a noticeable increase in criminal activity.


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