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The plot thickens


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REHEARSALS FOR the Bajan version of the hit movie A Few Good Men are going on at the theatre for drama and intrigue on Bay Street. Cou Cou managed to sneak in and was able to get a glimpse at the script – it is utterly fascinating.
In that 1992 film about the trial of two United States Marines, one man would stop at nothing to keep his honour, and the other would stop at nothing to find the truth. The now infamous lines from that movie featured one of the main characters, played by Tom Cruise, saying, “I want the truth!” In response, the other lead character, played by Jack Nicholson, fired back: “You can’t handle the truth!”
In the script of the local version, all of the people are honourable and have taken a certain position on a delicate, controversial matter. However, one of them feels strongly that the position taken is not necessarily the best option available and is seeking a more realistic solution.
This is where the plot thickens.
The group feels their honour is on the line if they go back on a decision they made collectively. They feel their standing would be diminished and they can’t allow such a mirror image.
On the other hand, the lone ranger in their midst feels a mistake has been made and it is not too late to rectify it. He feels the reason he has not been asked to present his case is because they can’t handle the truth.
The second lead character in the movie plays the role of a wily, silent type who rarely speaks but wields tremendous power. According to the script, that individual calls the bluff of the lone wolf and tells him: “If you have something to do, do it.”
The lone ranger is then confronted with three options – stay and shut up; quit and become independent; or quit and join others opposed to his honourable colleagues. It is a major dilemma for him.
Unfortunately, it was at that juncture I was spotted and had to run from the theatre. But by hook or crook, Cou Cou will get back in there to reveal how this script ends.
House? jitters
?IF A VERY DISTRAUGHT MAN makes a certain decision, then the majority of a select group stand to lose big time. Because of this situation, the spin doctors, operatives and yard fowls from either side of the political divide are out in their numbers trying to either stir up strife or cool heads, depending on what their side requires. But for all of their efforts, the situation seems to be becoming more uncertain.
If the worst comes to the worst, as seems to be likely, the big question some of the foot soldiers who don’t want to end up out of pocket are asking is: “Who stands to lose financially and who can go home comfortably?” Well, Cou Cou consulted someone who knows the law and he told us if everything crashed next week, seven members of the select group would be safe for sure.
The top person should walk away with a lump sum of $423 282.50 and every month for the rest of his life get $8 465.65.
The northern star the public consistently supported should get a gratuity of $317 462.50 and $6 349.25 every month for the rest of his life.
As for the others who have been around for just over two cycles at this time, they should get a lump sum of $238 096.88 each and pocket $4 761.94 monthly for the rest of their lives.
As for the rest, if the umpire raises his finger now, they would be run out for nought.


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