FLYING FISH & COU COU: Jitters over merger talk


NEARLY 200 workers at three Government entities are nervous over their future as talk of a merger between the organisations continues apace.
Their anxiety was heightened this week when the largest of the three entities, with about 80 temporary workers on their payroll alone, held a meeting and staff were told a skills audit was going to be done.
Though it was explained to the workers that the audit was being done in an effort to ensure their abilities were well known when, as against if, the day of reckoning came, the mere fact the exercise is occurring has made them even more scared.
This fear could be caused, too, by the suggestion coming from those who should know that a new mandate for the combined entity would mean many of the present staffers would be no longer needed. Also, it has been mooted that the new staffers would most likely be on contract to keep the overhead expenses of the fledging combined entity to a minimum.
The staff are saying that their boss, whom they call “Little Hitler”, should address them and ease their fears. They complain it is demoralising and demotivating when someone has to function in those uncertain conditions.
Fighting to get fit
DON’T BE SURPRISED if a certain politico starts losing weight soon. And if he does, don’t blame it on the immense pressure of his job.
Rather, he’ll be doing it to get back in favour with some of the rank and file who may want him to be in charge, but certainly not physically large with it as well.
Cou Cou understands the man received some not so nice remarks on Sunday night on his expanding waistline. One person even commented that at a time the country’s assets seem to be sinking, his physique is growing.
As the man considers himself very much a lady’s man who can lick anyone going and coming with his sharp tongue, we somehow suspect that he will be taking to a certain gym soon to get back fighting fit.
Bra battle
A CERTAIN group of predominantly men are smarting over their failure to put a bra on a female.
The group of relatively young men failed because the woman turned to two estranged family members of pensionable age, and they came and manfully defended her honour.   The incident unfolded last week. It started when the group got together in a popular place and talked their head off trying to bamboozle the woman so she would not catch on to their real intentions.
Man after man spoke about all sorts of things, but it seems now that they were really sizing her up to see if the size bra they had could fit. Then, as the night set in and they were satisfied they had her measure, they pulled out the bra and tried to get it over her.
Of course, the woman would have none of it. She protested their attempts and fought back, giving as many blows as she got. Maybe the Young Turk at the forefront trying to get the bra over the woman felt he would have succeeded because he and the woman know each other well and have something in common.
But that young man could not better her no matter what he did.
Then, the woman played her ace. She summoned the two older men to her assistance. And from the time the two diminutive warriors walked in, the young man and his colleagues realised that was one fight they could not win, so they hurriedly put away the bra.
People are now saying that the woman’s actions and the older men’s response truly shows that despite whatever disagreements exist in some families, blood is thicker than water.


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