Peace Move


HAS THE TIME come to end draughts’ oldest rivalry? Is the Jack of draughts calling out the King on the boards?
Jack certainly seems to think so.
Jack Francis believes he and Ronald “Suki” King need to put their differences aside and start back practising together so Barbados can regain both the Go-As-You-Please (GAYP) and Three-Move Restriction world titles.
Francis put his cards on the table in an interview with the WEEKEND NATION, in which he called for an end to the war of two decades, one month after King surrendered his GAYP crown.
“Many seasons ago [practising together] was always the norm, but as I would say he probably discovered I had this kind of skill and would eventually get the better of him so he sidestepped me and I thought that brought about his demise when he lost the Three-Move Restriction title to Alex Moiseyev,” said Francis.
“Then I decided that I too had to go out on my own, and this is where the war came about, but if it wasn’t for that we could still have both titles as it has been for a lack of sportsmanship and a lot of selfishness that has seen us not even have one world title.”


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