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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Telling-off for politician


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PEOPLE IN A CERTAIN St Michael constituency are still talking about the hasty retreat a big-up politico had to beat earlier this week when he was rebuffed by some fellows liming on one of the well known blocks in his riding.

A woman who swears she witnessed the cold reception said she could not believe how “scruffy” the men behaved when the politico enquired about their welfare. 

The men reportedly told him if they knew things would come to what they are today in Barbados, they would never have given him their X.

Amid their cries and complaints about no jobs and no money to be had anywhere and about how tough life is for them, the politico tried explaining to the men that the situation was far more complex than the simplistic way they were viewing it.

But this point came over as if the politico was disrespecting the men’s intelligence, and they took offence.

Seeing that he could not get through to them, and by then some of the men were becoming louder and more agitated, the big-up left hurriedly.

The woman said the whole scene reminded her of Grynner’s song Mr T as the men echoed similar  sentiments.

That tune says in part:

“I was so dumb when you come with rum and steal my X from me,

You come with big tricks, corn beef and biscuits, and rob my democracy;

Look, I learn my lesson well, you can’t trick me again;

But no more rice grain can swell up my brain,

Mr T, I singing loud and plain. . . .


“I goin’ rip your pants

I goin’ make yuh dance

You goin’ feel that I is a nest of ants,

I goin’ milk your goat, I goin’ to sink your boat

And next I goin’ beat you with my X.”


Probe a ‘waste’

THE TENSION AND DISTRUST between the board and workers at a statutory corporation seem to have increased.

According to usually reliable sources, word has leaked out that the expensive scientific investigation launched to look into the management of that entity during the period their now retired boss was in charge has found no evidence of wrongdoing on his part.

The workers had always contended that the investigation was no more than a political witch-hunt, and are shaking their heads in dismay of yet more money wasted.

With that exercise over, the workers are wondering when the board will get around to addressing the future of that entity as part of Government’s desire to reduce the number of statutory corporations.


Party parting

TWO LIFELONG PARTY MEN have apparently turned their backs on their former colleagues over the manner in which they have been treated.

In the first case, Cou Cou understands that an ageing tiger, who now has more growl than bite, told the big man he was now available to assist in any way they think his vast experience and good name in important circles could help them.

But the big man reportedly told this once mighty person that he should go and write books to enrich the national literature.

In the next case, a man who was given an airtight contract before a big event, which many referred to as a retirement gift as he would have had to be paid out from it if he was fired, has walked away from the job.

Those in the know are saying it was a real big bust-up between this man and his former colleagues.

They argued it had to be really bad that this man, who is not known to have anything major otherwise going for him, would decide to walk away from the vehicle costing six figures and the Lotto-type salary.

Some have opined it may be a case of more pride than industry that would have caused this man to make the decision he did. But those knowing his passion for numbers suggest this man would never make a move unless things add up.


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