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LOOKA LEW: No way, Dr Sebi


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So what am I suppose to eat then? Cause Dr Sebi said, don’t eat pork, don’t eat lamb, don’t eat beef, don’t eat sheep or goat, don’t eat chicken, don’t eat eggs, don’t eat fish and he ain’t done there.

​He also said, don’t eat yam, don’t eat sweet potato, don’t eat breadfruit or eddoes, don’t eat cassava, don’t eat dasheen, don’t eat potatoes. And he still ain’t done there neither.

He went on, he said don’t eat corn, don’t eat white rice, don’t eat wheat, don’t eat sugar, don’t eat cheese, don’t drink milk, and he ain’t done there, but I gine done there for now.

All o’ them is things, that Dr Sebi, who went ’bout here lecturing recently, said was bad for we health.

Now when I heard all of that, my question then was, so if I can’t eat them things, tell me what I suppose to eat? Cause the only thing I see left to eat is grass and plastic bags.

But this man is suppose to be a big time herbalist and health guru, he has his own health village back in Honduras, as well as his own line of herbal supplements. He also said that he healed people with cancer, diabetes, asthma, AIDS and HIV. And let me tell you, I ain’t arguing with no man that can cure AIDS.

Cause them got nuff big name scientists living overseas, with nuff letters behind them names, fancy labs with special mice for experimenting on, and up to now them can’t find a cure for AIDS.

Anyhow, I ain’t know how long I would last on Dr Sebi’s diet. You see, whenever the Governor General visits somebody that celebrating them 100th birthday, and he ask them what they attribute to living to see such a ripe old age, apart from serving God, these centenarians does always talk ’bout eating nuff ground food; yam, cassava, breadfruit and them kinda things.

Yes, it is true, them old people worked hard and used a lot of herbs and drink nuff bush tea as well, but you can’t get away from the fact, that them eat nuff ground food and yard fowls too.

Look, I ain’t foolish, I understand that we does eat a lot of nonsense. Things like bacon, macaroni pie and salty, greasy pudding and souse ain’t the best things to eat. But I want Dr Sebi know, that regularly, my grandmother used to cook a wicked goat head or chicken foot soup, with nuff yam, breadfruit, eddoes, piece o’ salt meat and some dumplings so heavy, you had to hold the spoon with both hands when you lifting up one to eat, and she lived to 90.

I want Dr Sebi know that cou-cou and flying fish is we national dish, and you can’t make cou-cou outta grass. Them ain’t nothing sweeter than a bowl of cou-cou, swimming in mackerel sauce, lil pickle cucumber and a slice o’ sweet potato at the side, with three cents in hot sauce sprinkle over it.

Them old people eat nuff sea egg and duck egg, drink nuff corn meal pap and greased them lungs with crackling and live to 100 years.

I am not saying that Dr Sebi is a snake oil salesman, or he ain’t know what he talking bout, cause like I said, if he cured AIDS I ain’t arguing, cause I never cure nothing yet, but I ain’t giving up my breadfruit, dolphin head soup nor cassava pone for nobody.

See ya.



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