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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Outside girl too sweet


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PEOPLE IN A rural parish are wondering if a man who often professes his love for Christian values may be sharing that affection too much.

They have told Cou Cou that this individual has put aside his wife and family to embrace everything the christian life can give him.

Those in the know say this man, who soars like an eagle, is so taken by his new love that he seems prepared to leave his nest on high and battle any tribulations that may come his way.

They are wondering if the sweetness of the fruits in the green fields he often feasted on were so empowering that he just had to go all the way.

If everything those who profess to know of the situation are saying is true, then it seems this high-flyer has committed himself to a course of action that is sure to test his fortitude.

That said, though, if someone is truly in love, why should they not follow their heart?

May the force continue to be with him.

Renting puzzle

​​SHOULD A POLITICAL party be renting space to an MP as a constituency office?

That is the question people in a certain constituency are asking after their MP closed the office and moved to the party’s headquarters.

From what Cou Cou was told, it is not the first time such a move has been made, but when it was previously done decades ago a lack of adequate transportation and a central meeting place were the critical factors.

In modern Barbados no such issues exist, so why is this being done?

Fuss over constituency

​​INTRIGUE AND JOCKEYING seem to be taking place in both camps over a certain constituency.

Though the incumbent has sunk their teeth into the riding and demonstrated that they are a worthy candidate, some big-ups on that side think not. Those close to that party are saying the holder is too aloof and their manner too off-putting to the average constituent.

So that party’s architects are supposedly contemplating prescribing a better fit to ensure glory next time out.

On the other side, the one who lost last time out has been reportedly told to brush up their image and project a more professional image to capture the doubting Thomases there.

And as if the situation can’t get any more complicated, an interloper last time out continues to send signals of seeking to upset the balance yet again.

A day in politics . . .

​​GOVERNMENT POLITICOS ARE saying that a day in politics is a long time, so they have no doubt that when the economy begins to turn around Barbadians will again rally around them.

These insiders believe the hullabaloo over the former Transport Board workers being paid their severance “coolie man” style, the retrenched National Conservation Commission workers not getting a cent of severance while waiting for a tribunal to start, and the other myriad of complaints about high taxes and prices will disappear when the milk and honey starts flowing again.

They are even saying the sojourn to Samoa would prove its value to Barbados in due course. Besides, the average person often never sees the importance of these things until years after the event.

Cou Cou endorses the sentiments that people often never see the sense in things until after the event. And so, we would not quarrel with spending a quarter million dollars for nine or ten days to participate in a conference.

But it is not Cou Cou the Government needs to convince, it is the public.


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