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PUDDING & SOUSE: Lover scams married man


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A MARRIED MAN has been taught a brutal lesson on why cheating is no good.

P&S understands this man is out of pocket by several thousand dollars after helping his female friend. He is now convinced this woman was only scamming him.

However, because he willingly gave her his money and because of the fact that he is married and news about this could end his marriage, he can’t complain to anyone that he was robbed.

From what we were told, the man and the woman became friendly after he made overtures to her for several months. After they became involved, the woman revealed she had a child overseas who was very ill and that was why she was here working. Her focus was on earning every cent she could to send to her mother to take care of her child.

Given the sweetness of her loving, this married man decided to pull his pocket and help his lover. After all, one good turn deserves another.

So he reportedly went to his credit union and got a $5 000 loan so the woman could send it to her mother. Instead, the woman decided to change the money and take it to her homeland. That was a few months ago.

Now this married man is sticking close to home, having been taught a bitter lesson.

Bad mum squanders money

​FAMILY AND FRIENDS of a Christ Church woman are shying away from helping her, even though their actions are affecting her children.

But they argue this is the only way this woman will get the message that she has to change her ways.

It seems this woman had a ball during Crop Over, attending just about every fete. Much of the money she used was from the back-to-school loan she got.

But instead of using the funds to get her two children ready for school, she blew every cent on outfits for herself and attending events every weekend.

Now she is walking around begging for money to buy her children’s school supplies.

Even her mother is crying shame on her and saying she needs get her priorities right.

Wedding ring mystery

​A WOMAN WANTS to know why a certain man who is not married, and apparently never was, would wear a wedding band on his “ring finger”?

Is it because he uses it to keep off women who don’t know of his status and would not normally talk to a married man?

Does he wear it because he knows married men have a certain allure for some women?

Or does he wear it because he considers himself married to a certain person of his own sex?

Short man cut down

​​ONE OF THE original short men who made up an infamous clique has been dealt a numbing blow.

Recently, one of the last of the group still driving around in luxury and being large and in charge had his big-up days come to a screeching halt.

P&S has it on good authority that just about everything that allowed him to drive to the bank with a wide smile has been taken out of his hands.

From the reports we received he turned almost scarlet red when the action took place and since then has been dragging himself around as if he was grieving the loss of his most beloved.

Of course, we are not gloating at this man’s misfortune. We can’t help but wonder, though, why more people who reap success don’t recognise that life can be unpredictable and they should help others to achieve when they themselves are soaring.

That way if things take a turn for the worse, someone would be in place to cushion their fall.


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