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ALTAR CALL: All in the name of Jesus


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With clapping hands and “dancing shoes”, the pastors, congregation and friends of Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries International set their sanctuary at Brittons Cross Road, St Michael, spiritually ablaze with praise and worship during a week of services to mark the church’s second anniversary.

It was not your usual church service. In fact, the sanctuary became a dance hall last Tuesday night as the congregation pushed aside chairs and jumped, skipped and moved in rhythm to songs such as When Jesus Says Yes Nobody Can Say No, I Know Who I Am, Sold Out by Junior Tucker, and many others.

Well past 10 p.m., members of the congregation had their minds set on any place but home. Long after the main segment of the service had finished, they huddled together in the air-conditioned comfort of the sanctuary to chat and pray, or met outside to eat and have fellowship.

Head of the ministry, visionary Pastor Robert Herbert, took those in attendance down a road of encouragement as he spoke of an open door God has given to His people.

“Let my people know a door is open before them,” he preached, as he shared from Genesis 17:9-20 and Revelation 3:8-9.

“An open door has been set before you but your blessing is found in your obedience. Despite what the enemy has said to you, God has given you an open door,” he said.

“When things are not coming to pass and man has told you ‘no’, God says no principality or power can hinder what He has for you.”

In his no-nonsense manner, Herbert told the people not to settle for the Ishmael blessing in their lives, which was the lesser blessing, but to wait on God for the Issac blessing, which was greater.

He said there were too many lukewarm believers in the church today – from the pulpit to the pew – adding that those who “play church” would not be blessed.

“You’ve got to be either hot or cold. There is an open door and greater is coming. If you are living right, your blessing will come. Even in the barren situations God will be there to bless,” he said, as he preached under the theme Greater Is Coming.

He told his listeners that sometimes in order to walk through the open doors God provides in their lives, they may need to take some form of action, such as shifting where they sit in church, leaving where they now reside, or even shifting their association with some people.

He said the church in Barbados needed to go beyond titles and outward appearances and believers needed to line up their lives with the Word of God.

“God is a change agent. It’s time to stop allowing man to dictate. Get down on your knees and hear God for yourself. You may think you’re in a desert place or that all the odds are against you, but God will not bring you to shame for there is an open door.

“If you know God has called you, get up and move. Get up and get what is yours. Go for it. It may seem hard or it may feel as though you cannot give birth (like Sarah) . . . but once you are clean before God, your favour and blessings will come.”

Herbert said the country was going through a serious time of shaking but God “is looking for a people who are willing to let go of the sin in their lives, separate themselves unto Him” and walk in His power.

“God will move on your behalf but your life must be lived clean before Him.”

He also said God was not looking for individuals with degrees and titles, but those whom many considered insignificant would be used by Him “mightily in these the end times”.


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