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LOOKA LEW: Mourning fuh Days


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The funeral service is announced of the late Days of Our Lives, better known as Days or Daysie, late of The Pine, St Michael; wife of Nuff Gossip, mother of Burn Food and Licks, sister of Dr Horton, grandmother of Stefano, great-grandmother of Doug and Julie, retired maid of The Six Pee Em Week Days Convenience Store, and former employee of The Channel Ate Restaurant.

The funeral leaves the Great Soap Opera Funeral Home, for the Oh Lord Wuh I Gine Do Now Chapel, My Lord’s Hill, where friends and enemies are asked to gather for a service of thanksgiving. The cortege will then proceed to the Westbury Cemetery for the interment. No flowers by special request, but a donation of remote controls and flat screen TVs will be appreciated.

Well, well, well, looka Days dead fuh trute. One minute Days was good, good, good, working five days a week and overtime every Saturday. Then sudden so, late last week I hear she take in sick.

At first people was saying that she got dengue or chikungunya, some even say the way she look it might be the turkeygunya. But I wasn’t expecting her to cock up and dead.

Yes, I know she wasn’t no young yam, but she did still look good for her age. She still maintained that hour glass figure with nuff buss and bottom, so I figured whatever she had she would quickly recover, cause I remember, them was a time last year, that she disappeared for a while, and people was saying she dead.  

So I was hoping it was just the flu or something so she had, but next thing I heard from the family was that she ain’t doing so well, and them would have to send her overseas to see a specialist but them ain’t got the money.

But I told them, that the preacher fella Creflo Dollar was ’bout here, and them should call him and ask him to pray for her, or beg Rihanna for piece o’ money to help, but them ain’t pay me no mind.

Then sudden so she took a turn for the worse. I get a phone call telling me to come to the CBC Hospital Monday evening and see her for the last, but I get caught up in the van stand, listening to some ZR drivers arguing ’bout if them got different laws for rich people and poor people in Barbados; something to do with three fellas ’bout here, who admitted to thiefing $4 million, but ain’t get lock up, and then another argument ’bout a barefoot Methodist preacher in St Philip, and so I ain’t even get to see her before she dead.

So I wanta send my condolences to the friends and family of Days, but I know that a lot of people glad that she dead. In fact, this is years that people was praying that Satan come and take her home, cause them say she was a wicked woman who used to cause strife and confusion in people homes.

I even hear people say, it was her, who caused Rudefus to go MADD and wring his hand in his woman jawbone back in 1989.

But you know Bajans too, them can’t believe the woman dead from old age, them say the doctors at CBC Hospital give her the wrong medication and then refused to save her life because the family run out of money. I ain’t know how true, so I will wait on the old topsy results.

See ya.


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