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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Waiting on fallout


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A one-time top man is said to be feverishly reviewing his financial exposure in a certain business, given the revelations about the goings-on in it.

Word is that this former mover and shaker had a “good berry” invested in the business and was getting good returns, too, as this concern was regarded as the premier service of its kind.

It’s been said this business was doing so well that even though the economy has drastically contracted, the profits kept rolling in, even if somewhat reduced.

Of course, all of that is now on hold in light of the allegations being made about certain business practices that were supposedly employed.

What everyone is waiting for is how the ruling politicos will seek to portray this situation, given the former top man’s known connections to a character in this business which is now under intense scrutiny.

That is, since the top man is now in no man’s land and has been portrayed as doing the right thing to disassociate himself, crying wolf and flinging mud through innuendo would only undermine this praise.

That said, though, in view of the ability of politicos to talk from both sides of their mouths, it would not be surprising if some link is made and mud flung at others while bypassing the top man.

Left out​

Professionals at a St Michael organisation involved in putting together an event are wondering why aspects of it were changed without first informing those who would have been affected by these changes.

Specifically, they are questioning if the change was a political decision since one of the persons whose name was going to be affixed to a segment of the event is thought not to be partial to the ruling elite.

Whatever the reason, it has left a certain individual – who is holding a letter in which he was told his contribution would be commemorated by having his name affixed to a segment of the event – wondering what happened.

Those in the organisation familiar with the politics there are saying it was a case of Nazi rule again. That is, hail Hitler or be damned.

All not lost​

​Good news may be on the horizon for those young men who looked forward to big bucks around this time.

Apparently, with big bucks from a new sponsor, an attempt is being made to salvage the competition they participated in.

Though details are still sketchy, our fly on the wall is suggesting there could be a flow of dollars soon to replace the bitter experience situation they had with the cancellation of the event.

Mystery project

​Those in the know are wondering how materials can be bought and work done on a project when no money was allocated in a budget for that.

They are asking if there is not enough money to effect the necessary repairs to all the mechanical tools staff need to execute their jobs effectively, how and when money was found to do what the boss said happened and continues to happen.

Conscious, though, that their boss would deal with them if he knew who revealed his recent statement is at great variance with reality, they are not saying anything for now.

But they have promised Cou Cou that if the situation there does not improve more will be revealed.


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