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PUDDING AND SOUSE: Pining for old bone


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LAST WEEK in our Pudding & Souse column we carried the story of a wife who lives near to a fancy race track in St Philip who put her husband out for a new lover.

We told you that after a few months into the relationship she realised that the new lover drinks ten times more alcohol than her husband, so she put him out too as he was spending more time in the rum shops than in her bed.

And now that the short honeymoon is over, all poor wifey can do is to keep on looking at the clock’s hands hoping that time will bring hubby back home.

But some of her family members are too embarrassed to tell her that hubby is in the Big Apple enjoying himself with his ex-sweetheart, who recently told him that she would not mind being the new wife since the wrong key could finally be the right key.

Blast from the past

IT WAS a very embarrassing situation for a popular man when his ex-woman turned up at his workplace and gave him a good beating because he refused to make the payments on the car he bought for her before they broke up.

The thing is that she had sneaked into his house only days before, hid herself under the bed until he got home, and beat him up for not paying for the car for two months. At that time he promised that he would pay.

However, she turned up at his job site near a church in St Philip and put some more blows on him in front of all of his colleagues.

Now he is falling down regularly on the job but is refusing management’s offer to work in the office because he doesn’t want to work past 10 a.m.

Sick leave hustle

THE WOMAN we told you about last week who gets to work late and leaves early went on sick leave after the article came out.

But word has it that while she went on sick leave on Monday, the next day she was spotted on Swan Street with her raffle tickets collecting money.

Workers want to know if the NIS will investigate her sick claims since she is making money on the side while on sick leave.


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