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LOOKA LEW: Hands off her man


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Leave my man alone!

Boy look, I ain’t know who do it, but somebody get some bright, bright and I mean real bright, red spray paint and painted that message in some big, igrunt letters across a woman’s car last week: LEAVE MY MAN ALONE!

Well wunna know Bajans, we like piece o’ gossip, so in two twos, people had pictures of the vehicle, along with comments ’bout who wouldn’t stop horning who all over the social media.

Look, don’t ask me ’cause I a’int got a clue who the vehicle belong to, but a message like that can only give the impression that the owner of the vehicle was messing around with somebody’s man, and that person decided to send them a strongly worded message: LEAVE MY MAN ALONE!

Of course it could also be the work of a prankster, somebody who just out to cause the person embarrassment, because I know them got some lawless people ’bout here who does don’t have nothing else to do with their time.

Needless to say, many women will not sit back and watch another woman steal their man. Sometimes a woman got a man, he working for a good looking dollar and she ain’t prepared to lose out on that, she ain’t letting no woman walk off the street and steal “her wallet”. Or sometimes the man is a pelt-waist general, he is good in bed.

So if she feels that another woman horning her, she would call that woman, even threaten to sandpaper her backside with licks and let her know to leave her man alone.

Other women have gone at the woman’s workplace and “block”, which in Bajan terms mean to cuss and do bad, and embarrass her in front of her workmates for the man stealer she is. Some have even gone to the church pastor and let him know that a woman in his church trying to break up their home, ’cause some of these church people ain’t sweet at all. I even know of a woman who complained to a married man, that she wanted his wife to leave her man alone.

And when all else fails, well some women would simply get some red spray paint and write on the perpetrator’s car, “LEAVE MY MAN ALONE!”

And while some women frighten for their skin, so they ain’t want no woman beat them and pull off their Remy hair for no man, there are women out there who ain’t frighten and relish such challenges, and are quite willing to fight for somebody’s man.

But like I always say, even though we might use the term “my man” or “my woman”, really and truly you ain’t own nobody, and if you have to be spray-painting somebody’s car to tell them leave your man alone, then I think you talking to the wrong person. It is like telling the milk to leave your cat alone, you need to talk with the cat, talk to your man instead.

Yes, chances are you probably tired talking to him, but it ain’t the other woman who is the problem, it is your man.

Nobody can’t steal your man unless he wants to be stolen. If your man wants to be with that woman, I don’t care how many buckets of paint you have to paint her car with, I don’t care how many phone calls and threats to the woman you make, your cat is going after the milk. And sometimes, it is better to let the damn cat go long.

See ya.


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