Monday, April 22, 2024

Put country before party, please


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It is time for the members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) who care about the country first, rather than party, to step forward.

I know they will all say “country first” but actions speak louder than words. On the other hand, some members of the Barbados Labour Party also need to put the country first rather than self. In fact, some of them should also be grooming and assisting their successors to get elected in their stead.

Remember the August budget of 2013 when we were promised major road works by November of that year with funds that would be available. The Minister of Transport jumped up to regale us with the fantasy that the road works might start as early as in two weeks rather than in November.

Well two Novembers have passed and now we hear of a loan for (the same?) road works.

Our road infrastructure is very visibly crumbling. Some of our health-care systems are in crisis.

Our “tourism wheel” needs re-inventing. Why is our education system not producing literate individuals? Our mass transport system is, in many ways, chaotic and spasmodic in the face of one possible solution – a cooperative including the Transport Board.   

It seems as if those in the Government benches believe that if they give voice to repeated promises we, the people, will believe that something is happening.

We are well aware, however, that as with “20 Seasons” nothing is happening. Remember we were again promised that a new deal for 20 Seasons, sorry, Four Seasons, was in the bag? Well the upshot seems to be that the potential investors have indeed long ago packed their bags and returned home. Oh, what a tale of woe.

I can only appeal to members of the DLP who indeed are willing to put the country first to “give us a Christmas present as pregnant with hope as was that first Christmas”. It will only take a small number to form a coalition removed from those who have repeatedly disappointed you. One does not have to resign from one’s party to join with another in a coalition.  

We need a coalition of the willing, now more than ever, to put this country first. Please.


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