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ALTAR CALL: Good news for change in 2015


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YOU CAN CHANGE your lifestyle in 2015, with the help of Jesus. That’s good news!

Lay leader Christopher Griffith made this affirmation during a recent sermon at the Brittons Hill Wesleyan Holiness Church in St Michael.

He told a rather attentive congregation, who sang and danced their way during the church’s praise and worship session, that the birth of Jesus Christ offered salvation to mankind and “Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost”.

A fired up Griffith, whose sermon was delivered during the Christmas season celebrations, stressed that the Good News of Jesus’ birth also brought joy, goodwill and hope to a lost and dying world.

“Everybody likes news, whether good or bad. When we hear good news, we rejoice, we feel good. The angels who announced the birth of Jesus brought good news of joy to the world; the Lord has come,” Griffith said.

He stressed that “when we hear good news, our mannerisms and behaviour change”.

He told his listeners: “Where there appeared to be chaos and tribulation, the good news of Christ’s birth brought great joy. In fact, in Luke 1:14 it was prophesied that Jesus’ birth would bring great joy. That joy is available to all of us; for God so loved this world that He gave His only begotten Son.

“The birth of Jesus Christ brought about change. It showed that what was evil, bad or undesirable could be changed. Christ’s birth also brought with it the power to change men and women; to bring complete change to the entire universe,” Griffith declared.

He also said that were it not for the good news of Christ’s birth, no one could be saved.

“We are not beautiful by nature but because we have a Saviour who is beautiful, we can be changed into His likeness.”

He also charged that the good news of Jesus’ birth “brought transformation” so we could be more like Him and become an inspiration to others.

He urged the congregation to complete their race of faith, encourage each other in the Christian walk and to finish 2015 with the knowledge of knowing where they stood with God.

“God wants us to be news carriers for Him; sharing the Good News with others and living lives which would inspire others to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.”

At the end of his sermon and following special ministry in song, new officers of the church were sworn in by Rev. Reginald Wooding.

The senior pastor urged the officers to be faithful to their respective call of duty, be unified in purpose and to spend time before the Lord seeking His direction and will.

Following the early morning service, young and old took their places in the sanctuary to be taught by a team of skilled Sunday school teachers, during the church’s Christian education hour.

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