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DEAR CHRISTINE: Boys keep drifting away


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Dear Christine,

SINCE MY PARENTS allowed me to go out with boys, I have gone out with quite a number of very nice boys, but after a little while they just drift away or leave me suddenly.

I have tried to be as nice as possible to them and have allowed them a lot of liberties, but would not go as far as having sex, as I am afraid of becoming pregnant.

On the other hand, I would rather wait until I am married or if I really loved the boy.

My friends seem to keep their boyfriends and I know that they allow a lot more than I do.

My best friend says it is because I am frigid and that all I do is tease the boys. Do you think she is right?

– S.

 Dear S.,

If you were really teasing the boys, I don’t think you would be asking me that question.

Remember, however, that if you do allow heavy petting sessions, you run the risk of making your boyfriends think you are ready to go all the way. It would be wiser to keep your contact with them on somewhat restrained lines.

Also, you are not frigid because you don’t think it is right to have an affair with boys you do not love.

It is unfair that any casual boyfriend should think he has the right to have sex with you because you won’t.

It certainly does not sound as if he is worth having. Some men who encounter girls who say “no” to engaging in sex always have a hard time accepting this kind of response. However, there are those who will respect your principles, especially if you don’t give any false impressions of what you intend.

It’s just a matter of time before Mr Right comes along and appreciates your decision to keep yourself for the right person.



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