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LOOKA LEW: The ex-factor


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I ALWAYS HEARING ’bout trust, but if you in a relationship, and your partner’s ex is in hospital for let’s say three weeks or so, is it OK for them to go visit and if so, how many days is a reasonable amount of times for them to visit?

Some people tell me, “no, ex means ex, and they would not tolerate their partner visiting his/her ex in hospital.” Some people said, maybe once or twice is sufficient, while a few said them trust them partner so if he/she wants to go visit every day it is OK.

Then I asked, if your partner visited the person if it was all right for them to feed them. Well most people wanted to know since when them partner was a nurse, while a few said them trust them partner so if he/she wanted to feed their sick ex them ain’t got no problem.

Then I asked, suppose the sick ex asked your partner to take home their pyjamas and wash them if that is OK. Most people wanted to know since when them partner was a maid, and whose washer machine them getting wash in. But a few said them trust them partner so if he/she wants to bring them home to wash them that is OK too.

But I was talking with a man, and he said he and his woman had a big noise over the same kinda thing. ’Cause even though he and his ex ain’t in nothing, them does still talk from time to time.

So one Sunday his ex messaged him on his phone and told him the cooking gas gone while the pork was baking, and she wanted to know if he could come and buy a bottle of gas for her.

He messaged her back and told her, yes. But knowing if he told his woman he was going to buy a bottle of gas for his ex she would start getting on foolish, he decided to avoid all the lot o’ talk and nip out the house quick and do it and come back.

Two weeks later, big argument in the house. His wife butt up on the message in his phone. She said she wasn’t searching the phone, how her phone ain’t had on no money and she went to use his phone to make a call and saw the message, well he said he ain’t buy that story.

Anyhow, so she wanted to know what right the woman got asking him to buy a bottle of gas for her; if she ain’t got no more friends, if them ain’t got no paros up by her that she couldda pay to run the errand, if she couldn’t get on the bus with it, what happen to her children that none of them couldn’t go for it and all them kinda questions.But while she asking all them questions, his only question to her was, “I don’t search your phone, so what you doing searching mine?”

Her reply was, “Well if you ain’t got nothing to hide you shouldn’t worry bout me reading your messages.”

Which now leaves me with a whole set of questions for you all. Does she have a point? Was he wrong to buy the bottle of gas for his ex? Should he have told his woman that he was running an errand for his ex? Was his woman right to read the messages in his phone? Should he also search her phone from time to time? Lemme know what you think. See ya.

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