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Simpson Miller defends PNP record


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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Portia Simpson Miller has defended the work of her People’s National Party (PNP) administration, informing naysayers that there are records to prove that the ruling party has been working.

The Prime Minister and People’s National Party president said on Sunday that she is going to ask every minister of government and every parish council controlled by the PNP to provide a list of the things done since taking office under her leadership.

“…Let us advertise what we have done because some running up their mouths about what have we done,” Simpson Miller said while speaking at her St Andrew South Western constituency’s annual conference.

She also said that the PNP had to “pull the country up from the mire” after the last administration left office.

“Tell them when them talking be careful, I am here, I am listening, and we have records, we know what we have done,” the MP said.

“And you know what, international organisations would not be giving the Government of the People’s National Party credit if we were not due credit.

“Meaning, they would not be speaking well of the Government if the Government was not operating in a way that they can place their interest in what we are doing, and seeing that what we are doing is right,” she continued.

However, the PNP president admitted that “you are never going to not have, in a community sometimes in a home, somebody with bad mind, that don’ want to see other people progress but themselves”.

She insisted that her work inside her constituency and as head of Government is on behalf of all Jamaicans, not just some.

“When we take decisions, when we implement policies, it is not about the People’s National Party, it is being done by us in Government, but it is about the people of Jamaica,” the prime minister said.

Meanwhile, Simpson Miller vowed that once she announces the date of the next general election, she will secure victory.

“Some people outside there who claim to be politicians but do not understand anything about politics, can gwaan run up dem mouth. Anytime I name the date, understand, no other horse in the race will be able to catch Portia Simpson Miller,” she charged.

“No matter what is their age, no matter their stage, they won’t be able to catch Portia,” she continued. “Portia will be miles upon miles ahead.” (Jamaica Observer)


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