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DEAR CHRISTINE: Woman no good for my brother


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Dear Christine:

I HAVE a brother who is now 81 years old. He introduced me to a woman about 20 years ago. This woman had an eight-year-old son whom she treated very unkindly. Back then, this little boy told me lots of things which did not seem natural. The more we talked, the more sorry I felt for the little boy. Anyhow, 15 months ago, this woman said the boy, who was 28 years old at the time, died from cancer.

My brother got very involved with this woman. I told him it was a bad idea, but that did not matter – as far as I saw it.

I told my brother that no one should get involved with that woman. I also told him if the child was her son and she treated him so badly what would she do to an old fool like him. It appeared as though my brother had no control of his life. This woman would telephone me all hours of the night and call me all kinds of things. She told me I was a whore and that no man would ever look at me.

I told all this to my brother, but he did absolutely nothing. He said she was poor and he wanted to help her. He also told me she wanted to get married in order to have legal stay in Barbados. I told my brother what he planned on doing was wrong but they got married any way early one morning. By 10:30, he was back at work. He told me after the wedding that she was going to the United States to file for a divorce and return to the island.

Again, I told my brother what he was doing was wrong. This woman went to the United States but did not file for a divorce. When I asked him what happened he said he had no idea.

I met her some time later and was polite to her. She said she wanted her family to come to Barbados to live but my brother would not sign the papers for her passport. That day she was very angry.

Suffered a stroke

About three years later my brother and I were at the family house. I had to leave to return to my sick husband. As usual whenever my brother or I leave each other, we always called back to let the other know we reached home safely. Two days passed and I tried to reach my brother. On day three she called from the hospital and said my brother had a stroke. When I arrived she was standing over him saying: “Don’t dead yet. I got to go on a cruise. I want my house finished and all you got, you got to sell and give me the money.”

My brother came out of the hospital but was returning frequently. We promised to stay connected but each time I credited his phone, I never get through to him. When I met her one day she said my brother had no idea what happened to the cellphone and that she always turned off the landline when she leaves him. When I questioned her about his health, she told me: “I put something for him in the morning. If he don’t eat today, he can eat it next week.”

I started sending him cooked meals by taxi daily. When she found out, she said she could do whatever she liked. For the past two weeks she has blocked the telephone. All my brother’s tools, his tractor, vehicle and items from the family house have disappeared. She said a lawyer advised her to take his cheque book and everything he has. She has started to give him tablets to make sure he sleeps and I cannot get through to my brother to know if he is living or dead.

What can I do?

– J.B

Dear J.B:

You have given more information concerning your brother than I am able to print. I would suggest however, that you engage the services or advice of an attorney and visit your brother’s residence accompanied by the police if you are concerned about his well-being.



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