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Police force playing vital role


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IS IT REALLY FAIR for the Barbados police establishment to expect off-duty policemen and policewomen to jump into protective action when they are near to a scene of a crime or an impending crime?

Consider, they often have had a hard day patrolling, watching and at the very least, keeping alert while civilians can and do walk around relaxed and at ease. Some of them, a few, might be given to heavy eating (what Americans call “pigging out”.

There is no law against that. How are they to suddenly deploy themselves and get active when they have (after the close of their working day) let their guard down?

Let us suppose that an officer does some tippling after he gets out of uniform. He will not become inebriated but neither is he going to be in peak fighting form (in the event that he might need to use physical force). Is it fair to ask that officer to thwart the dastardly intentions of evildoers if he is a little bit tipsy? (This is not illegal since when off duty he is allowed to be a bit tipsy.)

Perhaps more than one malefactor is “giving trouble” or is about to “give trouble”. Is he supposed to make himself (or herself) a martyr? Suppose at the time of the crime he (or she) is suffering from a terrible stomach ache or an awful headache or a ghastly toothache? Just possibly some combination of the above.

Yes, it is true that physicians, lawyers and firefighters often perform services for which they are trained and in which they are competent.

Not all of these folk are not obliged by law to jump into the breach. If they jolly well decide that they will not help that is all there is to it.

I have said many times to the people around me that the police force is the one government entity that ought never to be privatised under any circumstances whatsoever.

The police force in Barbados is far from perfect. But what Government entity or private business is?

Without the police force the law of the jungle would prevail.



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