LOOKA LEW: Big frighten men


EVERY NOW and then I like to get serious. Now I have some big frightened male friends. When they aint frighten for the dentist they frighten for the doctor, and who ain’t frighten for the doctor frighten for all two both.

I tell you, them got Bajan men, who would prefer face a robber with a gun than a doctor with a injection needle.

Seriously, it so bad that some men ’bout here will only think of going to the doctor, when they see their family picking out funeral hymns for them and pressing funeral clothes.

Now I am at that age where I like to get things check out, so I try to encourage my friends to do the same. I understand that when men get a certain age they should get the prostate check out, so that is one that I like to encourage my friends to do. I was successful in getting one or two to go, but another set does always tell me them frighten; them aint want no man pushing his finger down in there.

For them, they don’t see it as a life- saving exercise, them more see it as an invasion or that the doctor gine get some kinda pleasure from feeling bout down in there.

One fella even tell me, that he prefer to dead first, than to let another man feel ’bout down in there.

I even suggested that he go to a female doctor, but he tell me he would be too shame to let a woman push her finger down in there. Plus last time he went to a female doctor and she was feeling bout near that region, the lil soldier stood at attention and he was embarrassed.

Needless to say, I lost a couple o’ friends to colon cancer, and I was told that getting a colonoscopy done and removing any polyps in the early stage can safeguard against it.

So I told the fellas I gine and get one done and I feel they should do it too. I even suggested that we go as a lil group and talk with the doctor so he could give us an idea about what the procedure involved. However, them say them frighten, them ain’t gine.

Anyhow, I went and met with the doctor and he explained the procedure to me. I went back and report to the fellas. I explained that it is painless and the doctor puts you to sleep and uses a special long instrument with a built in camera, which he goes up through the southern region with so he could explore the colon and look for polyps.

One man asked me if I mad. He wanted to know if I would really be naked in a room sleeping, and let a man feel bout down in there with a long hose and if I aint frighten that he fix me up with another hose while I sleeping.

So yes, I went ’long by myself and had the procedure done. Thankfully the doc didn’t find anything and he told me he would see me in ten years’ time.

But to you men out there, don’t be like some of my friends who live by the philosophy that you gine dead anyhow, so it ain’t make much sense in doing all these checks, especially if the doctor got to go down in there.

I always say, it is better for the doctor to peep down in there than the undertaker, so go and get yourself sort out, I real serious. See ya.

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