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A baker’s delight


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WHEN CHERETTE LAWRENCE started baking birthday cakes for her two children 18 months ago, it was just for fun.

At that time, she did not give a second thought to doing anything more than making sure they had cakes and cookies for birthday parties, to take to school as a snack or a treat when they were at home.

Not once did she think that today she would be baking cakes and cookies for friends, workmates or clients.

“It took off after the children loved it. They loved having cake and my goddaughter usually calls me and says ‘Aunty Cherette, I want cupcakes’, so I send her a batch.

“I wanted to be able to ice the cakes because if the children want something special, you have to learn how to do things they would like on their cakes,” Lawrence said.

With that in mind, she set off to learn what she could about using royal icing fondant at Joyous Occasions and a year later in 2015 at Kay’s Kitchen, she learnt a lot more, including using butter cream, about baking as well as “the more exotic things”.

Lawrence also attended a baking course at the Whitepark Wesleyan Holiness Church because she wanted to grasp the basics and she “can also do pastries”.

While she is working on her icing techniques in an effort to offer customers exactly what they want, the baker seldom turns down an opportunity to show off her tasty skills.

“Sometimes I have people requesting great cake.

“My mom gives them as Christmas gifts and we’ve had people who’ve tasted them and want to order more.

“When we have a celebration at the office I usually give them a standard swirl [cake] with flat icing – more like a sheet cake.

Her friends also make requests after seeing photos of her work on Facebook. While she has not registered a business, that is her next step.

“I want to finish this course first; I want that when I open my business I’m confident that I can satify every request.

“I don’t want to advertise something that I cannot do. I want to feel 100 per cent that people get what they’re paying for,” she said.

“Right now, it is basically friends and family that I bake for. Sometimes my mum would contact me and say she knows somebody who wants a cake, but I tend not to advertise anything that’s beyond me.

“If I can’t get it done, they wouldn’t call me because I let her know what I can and cannot do.

“If she calls and asks me for a certain type of pastry, I would then practise it so when I’m doing it for her I can get it done.”

As she continues to extend her range of treats, Lawrence said she did not have a preference for any particular item.

She bakes apple pies, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies (which her husband loves) and pastries.

“My son doesn’t like a lot of meat so the jam tarts and cupcakes go over really well with him. He’s a very picky eater,” Lawrence said. (GBM)


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