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Fire destroys house, damages another


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ANOTHER HOUSE has gone up in flames.

It was yesterday around 7 a.m. that Kathrine Foster, owner of a Thomas Road, President Kennedy Drive, St Michael home, found herself in a predicament as she lost everything in the fire.

Another wooden house belonging to Margaret Neblett was slightly damaged by the raging flames.

Fire victim Foster rented the house from owner Marguarita-Small Hinkson.

A fire officer told the MIDWEEK NATION the house, which was burnt completely, was insured. The cause of fire is yet to be determined.

“Everything was damaged,” he said.

Trevor Hercules, who resides next to where the skeleton of the house now stands, said he was in bed around the time of the fire.

“I just hear someone hollering fire! fire! But I was in bed and I [decided] not to go out,” he said.

A mother of a 14-year-old asthmatic daughter recalled her experience.

“I was sitting in the veranda and I didn’t know where this smell was coming from so I tell my children to check in front the house to see what going on,” she said.

“But I turned around and somebody say call the fire service so I call them,” she said. “But they lost everything, the children have nothing and she has nothing but thank God they have life,”

The resident said 28 years ago she experienced a house fire on the same spot and she was therefore very concerned. (MR)


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