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COU COU & FLYING FISH: Elephants on warpath


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TWO ELEPHANTS ARE set to kick up more suffocating black dust as they continue to battle here and in Trinidad for turf.

Cou Cou understands the fight this time is over a shipment from Turkey.

The young elephant apparently intends to offload half of the ship’s cargo here and the other half in Trinidad. With this shipment the young elephant is hoping to continue making inroads into the older elephant’s turf.

The other elephant, though, is not taking the matter lying down. He has raised his trunk and let off an ear-splitting blast to warn officials here and the twin-island republic that something may be amiss about the shipment.

So loud was the blast that people in CARICOM’s offices in Guyana have heard it and are reportedly mobilising to get into the row.

Those in the know are wondering just how this clash will turn out. They are saying that though the young elephant has been seemingly getting his way in Barbados, the Trinidadians may not be so amenable to him since they know the old elephant longer.

Whatever happens, though, it seems both elephants are caught between a rock and a hard place to win the public’s confidence, as Bajans and Trinis only care about the lowest possible price for their product.

Spokesman gets nod

 IT SEEMS THE self-appointed chief spokesman and aspiring leader of the island’s top management team has been endorsed by his chairman and managing director.

At least that is what this politico’s friends and foes are suggesting following a meeting on Sunday.

The thing is that both are happy for the development because each group thinks it will work to their advantage.

His friends are saying that his ascension is the natural thing as he has been the only one who has consistently carried the fight for the team.

They said he has demonstrated time and again that he is unafraid to deal with any issue head-on; and he has repeatedly turned negatives into potential winning situations for his side by skilfully spinning the matter.

These well-wishers have interpreted the words and action of their usually silent leader as accepting their man could be the future of the embattled team. And anything that will keep them enjoying the calf, however lean it may be, is good for them.

His foes, too, are glad because they are hoping the known personality splits existing in the team may get wider now that the silent one has seemingly endorsed him as heir apparent.

They are particularly intrigued as to how another ambitious team member, whose tenure is littered with pronouncements and promises but no performance, is going to take the move.

This team member, scathingly referred to as Mr Sink We by his opponents, was once perceived as the late leader’s chosen one. But the persistent failure of his stated plans and even of his revised plans seems to have worked against him. 

It’s now left to be seen how the different factions within this team will respond to this unofficial anointing, and if another eager group will emerge.

 In expert hands

 THE GREAT COMBINATION have assembled again to work their magic.

Their job this time around is in the Helen of the West, where they are seeking to remove from power the labour man with two first names.

The last time the majority of them descended on a place at the same time to practise their expertise was last year in Christopher’s land. Then they successfully got rid of a doctor who stubbornly held sway for 20 years.

This time the five – consisting of a kingmaker, a pollster, two strategists and a communications guru – are said to be working diligently to ensure once is enough for the labour man.

Already the pollster has forecast the labour man will find it hard to climb back into the saddle given the bumpy ride his subjects endured throughout his tenure.

The two strategists are said to be on the ground seeking to infuse their charges with the confidence and skills to make them winners.

The legendary kingmaker is said to be quietly trying to transform the image of the next presumptive leader from that of a privileged rich boy to one of an everyday guy who has effectively used the opportunities life provided. And the communications specialist is managing the information flow to ensure every member of the aspiring, expectant team says only what they should say.

Bajans in the know are watching this team’s work intensely, given their closeness to the local queen Bee. Their thoughts are that if they can make this effort two out of two, then the third one – the upcoming job here – may definitely achieve its aim.


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