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DEAR CHRISTINE: Need help for me and son


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DEAR CHRISTINE, I’ve been fighting this situation long. I have been abused by my husband. It got so bad that I had to move out and stay in a shelter for battered women.

Upon leaving there I am now on my own on a minimum wage salary. I can barely support my son much less myself. I have no one to give a helping hand. My debt has gone really bad and I owe my landlord for the past two months, almost three, due to loans upon loans.

I cry day and night. I have even considered suicide so many times but the love of my son gives me strength to move on.

I am a non national, so it is me and my son alone in this struggle. I called upon my family overseas to help and no one even considered it. I have a few qualifications and I am trying to find a better job but it is hard to get one at this time.

Some people might say go back home but they don’t know the worst struggles I would have if I do so. I just need some help from somewhere or anyone, so I can at least make my son comfortable until I get back on my feet.

I know I am not a Barbadian and one may say, “Oh you are not from here, so why should we care?”

I am begging you please if you get this to anyone that might be able to help please do so. I’d appreciate it. I tried to apply for a Government house but it not easy to get one. Worst, I am an outsider. Please help.


Dear K.S:

I have placed your letter in this Dear Christine column and hope that some kindhearted person/s will reach out to help you.

You failed to disclose the age of your son. I hope you can provide that information.

You say you are trying to find a better job, and I also sincerely hope that you do, so you can meet your financial obligations. If the child you have is your husband’s and you are here legally, you can apply for child maintenance through the law courts.

Meanwhile, if anyone responds and comes to your assistance I will be sure to email you any responses since you have not left a contact number. If possible, please email me your number [if there is one] as well as your current place of residence.

To readers who are willing to assist K.S you can do so by calling 430-5470 and state the kind of assistance you’ll be willing to offer.



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