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EASY MAGAZINE: When love conquers


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Zamani and Loweno Williams love for each other ignited the day the couple met.

They can attest to the saying that the best relationships begin unexpectedly, as the lovebirds met coincidentally.

It just so happened that when Zamani visited Lowena’s beauty salon to deliver a package to one of Loweno’s employees she was not there and he asked her boss to collect the item on her behalf. Zamani, a tradesman who at the time sold colognes and perfumes for a distribution company as a side business, told EASY magazine that he was stunned by Loweno’s beauty.

“Her eyes and her smile caught my attention. She had a lovely smile but her eyes were pretty the way she looked at me. Right away I wanted to know what was beyond the face. I wanted to know what was her mindset and what drives her. She had looked cute and it was inviting; so from there I was captivated.”

Loweno on the other hand, told a different tale. She said Zamani did not make a good first impression. Although she took note of his apparel, she did not fancy him.

 “Even though he had looked sharp and clean for someone in the construction industry, I wasn’t checking him out to that extent. I considered him to be a client and that was how I dealt with him.”

Zamani came up with a plan to get Loweno’s attention. He booked a pedicure.

“It was my first pedicure . . . . I can still remember how it made me feel,”
said Zamani.

“It was intense . . . . I felt loved as she massaged and cleaned my feet. I felt so good that I wanted to take her out. Even when she does it for me today, it does not feel the same.”

Zamani wanted to take her to one of his favourite events that night and boldly asked despite the fact that they just met one another. To his surprise, Lowena did not turn him down but she made him work.

“When I was doing the pedicure he annoyed me and sparked my interest at the same time.

“In my head I was saying that anyone who looked and dressed liked him has to have a trail of women so I wanted to know why he asked to take me to Back In Time.”

Lowena put him to the test: “I don’t have a hairdo. I don’t have clothes or shoes and my car doesn’t have gas”. 

Zamani offered to take her shopping.

Lowena said she really didn’t want anything, it was to test his motives because she thought he was overconfident and full of himself. Little did she know that it was how she made him feel that caused him to exude that level of confidence.

“I only went to see what he was made of. He and his show-off self stopped at almost every store and I still didn’t wear anything he bought,” she said, with both laughing

Zamani had to wait almost two hours for her to get ready.

“She had on black jeans, high heel boots and a fancy beige top,” he said,a dmitting he would never forget what she wore that first date.

Zamani told EASY that Lowena took his breath away when he saw her that night.

Lowena confessed that she did not intend on being late but she could not decide what to wear. She tried on outfit after outfit and last minute picked the jeans and top.

“I still didn’t want to look too casual but not over the top. I wanted to show I made the effort.”

That night Lowena had the time of her life. She said it was the best Back In Time she ever attended and all of her assumptions about Zamani flew out the window when they made a connection on the dance floor.

 “After a few minutes dancing with him I was having so much fun and felt so comfortable with him that I took off my shoes and showed him some moves.”

Zamani said they were like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. He said Lowena’s openness resonated with him.

The pair went out on more dates and soon became a couple. As Zamani spent more time with Lowena he learnt more about her.

“I am a go-getting person and I have this drive to get things done. I realised that she complimented me and was the perfect match. She showed me this inner strength as an entrepreneur and I admired the way she managed her business. Her independence and determination were qualities that pulled me closer to her.”

After several months, Zamani could no longer conceal his true feeling for Lowena and one day out of the blue he told her he was going to put a ring on her fourth finger. He planned the engagement on his birthday and he popped the question making the event a two-in-one celebration.

“One of the things that stood out to me about Zamani is his commitment to me. I am touched that he came to church with me and is now a devoted Christian. I was so pleased when he told me he wanted to join me on this path.

“I was also drawn to his ambitious and hardworking personality. He is resourceful, understanding and caring. He once told me that he wanted to divert my energy into other things and make me a better woman and I think he has.

“At first I thought he was crazy because in my mind I was all the woman that I could be but he came and enhanced me as an individual and definitely made me better.”

Although Lowena and Zamani’s love story may seem like an adaptation of a romance novel, they admitted that they experienced challenges.

Lowena said at one point she left him and travelled overseas.

“He had a lot of what I refer to as skirt tails that he wasn’t finished with,” she said.

“I felt that happened because I worked for long hours at my salon and I was not giving him the attention he needed. Sometimes as women we get so caught up in our own sphere that we forget men are emotional creatures too. But they were instances whereby he was checking for skirt tails and I could not deal with it.

“I went to England for a while.”

Zamani confessed that he could not stand living without his true love and did everything possible to win back her heart. He worked on being the best version of himself for Lowena and in time they reconciled.

“There is no denying that my husband is not a quitter. He wanted to prove to me that he was sorry and he suggested that we renewed our vows.

“After three years of marriage he took me on a cruise and we had a splendid time.”

The couple has been married for six years now and Lowena said that when she looks back at how far they have grown together “it was all worth it”. (SB)




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