Stiffy is bashment king once more


STIFFY HAS DONE the double.

The pride of St Peter is once again the Yello Bashment Soca monarch after seeing off 7 other competitors at Kensington Oval in the night billed as Phenomenal Friday.

The bashment king’s song Tip and Ben Ova gained him the $50,000 prize in the winner takes all contest in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Coming mere hours after his birthday on Friday, July 7th, the victory was all the sweeter for the artiste who put up a strong fight to retain his title.

He came up against tough competition in fellow bashment soca phenom Scrilla whose tune Wood was clearly also hugely popular.

Scrilla started the show and could well be said to have ended it as shouts of “wood, wood!” echoed after every other contestants’ performance. He had a vocal and visible cheering section and did them proud with a well choreographed and executed performance complete with a full crew of lumber shop dancers and a witty opening skit.

However, Stiffy set himself apart drawing on the traditions of picong and lyrical clashes that come from both of bashment soca’s ‘parents’. His trademark lyrical skills had the sizeable crowd in an uproar as he skewered his fellow contestants while a short sketch cleverly used his older songs to paint his competitors as his imitators.




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