A dream proposal in the City


by Carlos Atwell

It was like a fairy tale scene from a movie.

The hero riding in on his pale steed towards the love of his life, who was waiting for him on a bridge.

However, it was all real as Barbados Regiment historian, Lieutenant David Adamson, pulled out all the stops to ensure his long-time partner, Wynnelle Taylor, got a proposal neither of them would forget.

Around 2:30 p.m., Adamson emerged from the gates of St Ann’s Fort, carefully riding a palomino horse. Slightly ahead of him drove owner of the Codrington Riding Stables Patrick Croney, giving him periodic riding advice from his window.

Croney told the WEEKEND NATION Adamson had taken a crash course in horse riding for the occasion.

“I had to do a crash course, as he wants to arrive on horseback. I had a week to teach him how to ride and how to ride on the street, which was stress as it can normally take three months, plus we had to keep it all a secret from the force (Barbados Defence Force) as well as from his madam, so we had a lot of early days and late nights,” he said.

It took about 20 minutes for Adamson to arrive at the Chamberlain lift bridge and a few moments more for him to contact Taylor, a secretary at the Barbados Workers’ Union, and ask her to meet him. She was already in ’Town thinking they were meeting for lunch.

When she arrived, a member of the Defence Force band in zouave uniform serenaded her with saxophone as she was escorted to her knight on horseback.

Adamson dismounted and marched to his lady love, with whom he shares four children, delivering a proposal that brought tears to Taylor’s – and a few spectators’ – eyes.

“I was mesmerised the first time I saw you and after 20 years together, I am even more mesmerised now,” he said. “If anything has changed, it has changed only for the better. What I find in you is a virtuous woman who has stood by me through [everything].


“I, who have nothing, have you and that is everything. I cannot give you a million dollars but I can promise a trillion smiles and a trillion seconds of happiness. No other man has proposed on this bridge publicly but I have done so for Barbados and the world to see my love for you.”

Adamson placed his ceremonial sword at Taylor’s feet before bending to one knee, presenting her what he called a proposal ring, as he said the actual engagement ring would be much nicer, and then ask for her hand in marriage – to which Taylor gave a tearful yes. They then kissed and danced, to the cheers of the crowd.

Afterwards, Taylor could not express her feelings and the pair walked over to the nearby Marina Bar where a special menu had been prepared.

As for the wedding, Adamson said he was thinking about May next year, to which Taylor agreed.


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