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Patrick new deputy fire chief


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There are brand new insignia on the epaulettes worn by career fire officer Henderson Patrick, designating him as Barbados’ new deputy chief fire officer.

The insignia and instruments of the post were presented by Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard to Patrick in a short ceremony at the Bridgetown Fire Station at Probyn Street yesterday.

Patrick rose through the ranks from a young fire officer in 1986, to leading fire officer, station officer and on to deputy chief.

Chief Fire Officer Maynard praised the 32-year veteran for the hard work, commitment and dedication he had shown to a profession that could “in some ways kill your social life”.

“Today is another step that is punctuated with episodes of success in a career that is testimony to the quality of person and the hard work and dedication that he had given to this department. And those qualities are qualities of success,” Maynard said.

Patrick loved his job, he added.

“I am also sure, when the euphoric moments are over, he will grow to appreciate another level of sacrificial service,” said the chief, as he urged Patrick to “keep up the excellent work”.

Meanwhile, the man of the moment, who thanked God for the occasion, paid tribute to his fellow fire officers.

“I have made the point over and over again: no man is an island. You cannot achieve success or anything else on your own. And everything I have achieved and where I am today is because of the input of someone else,” Patrick said, as he also thanked his wife for the sacrifice she had made.

“And I want to solicit from you the same type of energy and input that you have been making in the years past.

“I want to solicit that same-type help and support from you going forward because it is one thing to be successful in achieving a post. It’s quite another thing to be able to execute in that post.

“And I don’t think I would be successful or would be able to execute the way that I really want if I do not get the help of each and every member of the Barbados Fire Service,” he said. (HLE)


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