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Rico raps it up


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Rico Maserati has only been in the music business for just over a year. But his career has already sped off to a great start.

Since December, 2016, young Maserati, whose real name is Rico Bourne, has already generated millions of views from the songs and music videos on his YouTube page. The most popular Brother To Me, which is a classic in his books, has well over 400 000 views.

But even with his level of popularity, he has not allowed it to cloud his judgement.

The 18-year-old hasn’t fully embraced the term “role model”. This was clear as he swerved the question with his body language when asked if he considered himself as one. 

But he is fully aware of how social media, when mixed with influence, can cause a downward spiral.

“I see my everyday moments as a business, so I don’t do reckless [things] that could tarnish my name, and at the end of the day the young children are watching. I don’t do a lot of the things I would do behind the scenes in public.

“I sing about relatable things. I can’t speak on other artistes but you don’t know who watching or looking so you got to do everything with care,” The October 3rd singer said.

It’s at Doanlie Studio in Millennium Heights, St Thomas, where he is most comfortable, and this was where he recently spoke to the WEEKEND BUZZ about his career choice.

Maserati said he always knew he could sing and recalled that he would sometimes woo the girls with his voice.

It was a few years ago when he was introduced to American rapper/singer A Boogie, and hip hop recording artiste PnB Rock, when he made the conscious decision to develop the talent.

He credits the two acts as being instrumental in helping him hone the melodic rap style that he has perfected.

On December 21, 2016, he walked into D Base Studio and laid down several tracks, the first of them, Dreams Money Can Buy.

He already had released Ten Toes Down Challenge.

Admittedly, though, he knows the tough road he faces locally, since rap music is not widely embraced here; but that does not faze him.

Despite the apprehension towards his style, he was able to get bookings during Crop Over last year and Hennessy On The Beach, and to his surprise, he was well received. This is the kind of support he believes local talent needs.

“People don’t gravitate towards rap that much but it’s easier if your own people supporting you. Because once you get support from your own country you could get support from others,” he added.

His greatest setback he has faced musically is writer’s block.

Maserati has not fully figured out this formula: “I can’t give you the source because I’m not too sure myself. I vibe off of energy. Some days you might have good days, some days are bad days.

“I am in the studio, every single day. I might not finish the song but I am at work,” he said.

He is continuing to build his brand and even hopes to stage an event for schools.On the horizon is a new song Murse and its accompanying video. (TG)


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