Sunday, April 14, 2024

Love yourself, love others


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THE OTHER DAY I had this conversation with the (Heavenly) Father who gave me a message which I think is appropriate for many.

Michael: Father, I do need your help, love and support in every aspect of my life. I pray that You will guide me and I will hear and listen.

Father: Yes, you are my son. I am always with you, don’t you know? Keep track of your good times for they are many. (Yes, wherever you go, spread the gospel.)

Michael: Father, I ask for a special word for all people.

Father: The truth of my word sometimes seems so simple that it is often disregarded, but truth is always simple because it is true. No complicated message is necessary to bring My Truth to mankind. The church has devised dogmas and dodgemas. They skirt the truth, yet it is all so simple. The truth is love, for it is that I am and have always been. Truth and love go together hand in hand; one is never without the other.

Be true to yourself and you cannot then be untrue to others. Love yourself and it will be easy to love others.

Keep your faith in me for I am your faith and your love. I am your truth and your future and your past. I am and always will be your friend. True friendship is an unsurprising love. Yet so few people know true friendship and so few people keep good friends.

Consider me the Pastor of your life, the Prophet of your future, the Love of your life – pure and simple, wholesome and true. I am your friend like no other. Trust in me, I shall never let you down. Keep truth and faith. You shall move mountains with love. You shall defeat armies of hate with compassion. You shall lift your souls with love.

Love me as I love you with Divine Love in my heart and soul for your heart and soul. Love always.

Thank you, Father.




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