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Petition to stop case against mum


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More than 700 signatures have been garnered for the petition launched by the African Heritage Foundation calling for Director of Public Prosecutions Donna Babb-Agard to discontinue the case against Felisha Holder who was charged with reckless driving resulting in death.

In mid-March, Holder was charged with causing the death of her 11-year-old son Abijah Holder-Phillips in the June 25, 2015 crash at Coverley, Christ Church.

President Paul “Simba” Rock, said the foundation was hoping to get 5 000 signatures by African Liberation Day, May 25, at which time the petition will be delivered to Babb-Agard and followed by a rally in Queen’s Park.

 Rock called for the case against Holder to be discontinued on the ground that back in 2012 the structure at Coverley was deemed illegal and unsafe by the Town and Country Planning Department.

Quoting a document from the Ministry of Transport and Works file No. 3221 Vol. 4, Rock said it was recorded that “the entrance is not well designed, and it utilises the hard shoulder which, as designed, creates a challenge for motorists”.

He questioned why the contractors had not been “called to task” or why the Town and Country Planning Department had not removed the structure as they had done with other illegal structures.

Keturah Babb, trustee of the foundation said, “There is provision for the DPP to use his or her judgement and discretion in proceeding with a case, and we think that on moral and technical grounds this charge should be discontinued.”

Babb called for sensitive reporting on the issue, hoping that what is carried in the media did not lead to more hurt for Holder and other family members.

The petition was launched online and Rock said a signing would be held at headquarters on Two Mile Hill, St Michael, on April 28, National Heroes Day. (LK)


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